Making Connections – 2. The CARE System

This video is all about understanding what goes on in the brain when your horse is building relationships, both with you and his pasture mates. How can you use this to strengthen your connection and build your relationship together? Watch this video to find out…

(If you haven’t watched the first in this series, yet, on the SEEKING System, click HERE.)

You can watch all the videos in this series here:


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8 thoughts on “Making Connections – 2. The CARE System”

  1. I always enjoy your blogs and videos. They really make me think. I found your comment about feeding larger quantities of treats very interesting and I am going to experiment with this a bit more. thank you Rachel

  2. Wonderful Rachel thanks so much equine psychology and behaviour and the benefits of connection training are amazing and I have developed a profound relationship with my pony, you make it so interesting for us thank you 🙂

  3. Really enjoyed this – I think it was just what I needed to hear for my two year old, Frankie. Time for a little less “seeking” and a little more “care” with him for sure. Thanks!

  4. well done- reminded me that it can be important to make sure they have those extra moments to chew… especially when teaching a new behavior, and I really want them to know — yes that was it– you got it right. Sometimes i will rush into the next thing and not give them a moment for enjoying the grass pellet. Thanks for the reminder, because the chewing and the feeling chewing brings is part of the bonding relationship I want to build with my donkeys.

  5. Rachel Bedingfield

    Thank you for all your comments. Very reinforcing! I’ll get on happily with the next one. x

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