Don’t Leave Me! – 5. The PANIC System

If your horse suffers from separation anxiety, it’s all down to the PANIC system in the brain. As a herd animal, the instinct to stay with other horses is incredibly strong, even in adults. This video explains this brain system and how it impacts your relationship and training with your horse.

The PANIC system differs from the FEAR system, although the words are often used interchangeably in conversation. The FEAR system causes horses to escape danger and potential threats. The PANIC system keeps foals with their mums and the whole herd together – when it’s activated you see separation anxiety.

Watch the video to find out more:

You can watch all the videos in my series here:



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4 thoughts on “Don’t Leave Me! – 5. The PANIC System”

  1. This series is wonderful. I had a Morgan herd that was as many as 42 horses. I learned a lot from them, and learned how to deal with the herd in ways that helped keep them feel safe, secure and happy…even at weaning time…and this program shows how important that was. My, and my children’s, respect and feelings for the horses helped very much…buyers often wrote or called to say how amazed they were at the horses calm in the changes and their trust in training. We did not click and treat…but we did use positive reinforcement all the way through there lives…and these principles you are speaking of, as well as not using any negative reinforcement …respecting them throughout.

    Thank you for sharing this series. It is well done and I wish every horse person knew, and was occasionally reminded, of these truths in horses.

  2. its a brilliant reminder- i like to watch it over and over so i never forget when my horses are anxious……..this is whats happening , Thank you rachel

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