Training Rescued Ponies: From Fear to Fun

Thank goodness there are wonderful people across the globe rescuing horses, ponies and donkeys in need. The first stage is supporting physical recovery. The next stage of emotional recovery can be a longer and trickier process and is where Connection Training can really make a difference.

Hope and Valiente were two severely neglected ponies in Spain. They were first rescued by the wonderful horse charity A.R.C.H, without whom these guys wouldn’t be here today. After their physical rehabilitation was well under way, Claire Waldron took them on to really build that trust and help them learn to love life – humans included. This video tells their CT story…

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5 thoughts on “Training Rescued Ponies: From Fear to Fun”

  1. Kimberly Crawmer

    Love this! Gives me inspiration and ideas for my growing band of rescue horses and ponies. Very inspiring! I especially like how you used the fence to work on scary things for the ponies and I may try that for some of mine.

  2. Wonderful. I love working with rescue animals too and Connection Training has been such a great and effective method.

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