Coaching from Hannah and Rachel and CT Coaches

Hannah Weston

CT Team

Hannah can be found predominantly online in the CT Club, where she continues to make and share training videos for the (already bursting!) Home Study Courses, as well as offering support, advice and updates for CT Club Members. 

In real life, she is based in Southern France, and offers clinics around Europe.

Rachel Bedingfield

ct team

Rachel can also be found online in the CT Club, supporting members and sharing new material.

She lives most of the year at Cortijo de Segura in Spain, which is a rescue centre she co-founded with CT Coach Claire Waldron. Cortijo de Segura offers CT training courses in the sunshine with rescued horses.

You can also follow Hannah and Rachel through the Connection Training Facebook Page, Youtube Channel and Instagram!

CT Coaches

A little personal coaching can make a big difference in the journey with your horse. Getting experienced feedback, advice and guidance can really help you to overcome ‘stuck’ points and progress more easily and smoothly with your horse. 

Finding the right local instructor for you can be tricky, but thanks to the internet, you can now access top quality coaches who understand how you want to work with your horse. Online coaching is simple to do (we promise!) and is a really great way to get feedback on your training and one-to-one discussion and advice with a knowledgeable coach. In fact, we find that students make the best progress with online coaching because the process of reviewing and discussing your training gives you deep awareness and insights into your training to take with you to the next session.

All of our certified Coaches have undergone at least year of training with us, both online and in person, and have all worked with a wide range of horses themselves as well as taught both in person and online through their extensive case studies and work in the field. They were selected because of their experience, knowledge and supportive, friendly personalities and we can recommend Coaching with them whole-heartedly.

Each Coach has specific experience and specialities. Please review their bio’s to find the best one for you and your horse.
You can book Coaching with them, both online and in person, by contacting them directly through their contact information below.

Melissa Deal


Inspiring women to enjoy their horses through compassionate training! CT Coach based in North Carolina.

Claire Waldron


CT Coach and founder of Cortijo de Segura, working with rescued horses in Spain.

Angelica Hesselius


CT Coach and Academic Art of Riding Instructor based in Sweden.

Kristen Vanderpool


CT Coach and groundwork, riding and obstacles specialist based in Red Deer Alberta, Canada

Judith Edel


CT Coach and horse agility specialist based in Wales, UK

Belinda Daws


CT Coach passionate about the horse-human journey together based in Queensland, Australia 


Suzy Deurinck

The Netherlands

CT Coach specialising in problem-solving and behaviour based in The Netherlands

Venya Bonebakker


CT Coach specialising focused on a happy horse-human relationship and healthy management 

Gesine Jimenez Martinez


CT Coach passionate about healthy movement and groundwork based in Moss, Norway 

Megan Hines


CT Coach based at a rescue centre in Ireland, specialising in helping leisure and rescue horses.

Maria-Lucy Neason


CT Coach specialising in movement and biomechanics. 

Laura Venema


CT Coach specialising in fear related behaviour. 

Aria Luna


CT Coach specialising in training for emotional balance.

Sharen Ross


CT Coach specialising in mustangs, burros and domestic horses that are fearful, unhandled or traumatised.

Hilde Cecilie Kjørmo


CT Coach specialising in creating relationships with horses. 

Miki Hara


CT Coach specialising in fostering meaningful connections through empathetic and science-based approaches

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