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There are a wide range of in-person CT clinics, lessons and seminars all around the world with Rachel, Hannah and the CT Coaches.

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Coaching from Hannah and Rachel and CT Coaches

Hannah Weston

CT Team

Hannah can be found predominantly online in the CT Club, where she continues to make and share training videos for the (already bursting!) Home Study Courses, as well as offering support, advice and updates for CT Club Members. 

In real life, she is based in North Yorkshire, England, and offers local lessons and regular teaching days at Hope Pastures Rescue Centre. She also teaches clinics and seminars around Europe.

Rachel Bedingfield

ct team

Rachel can also be found online in the CT Club, supporting members and sharing new material.

She splits her time between North Yorkshire, where her horses live together with Hannah’s herd, and Cortijo de Segura in Spain, which is a training center she co-founded with CT Coach Claire Waldron. Cortijo de Segura offers CT training courses in the sunshine with rescued horses.

You can also follow Hannah and Rachel through the Connection Training Facebook Page, Youtube Channel and Instagram!

CT Coaches

Our Coaches are highly experienced, knowledgeable horse trainers, certified in coaching Connection Training techniques. You can find them all in the Connection Training Club where they offer online Coaching, find Events with CT Coaches in the Calendar or follow the links in their bio’s for in-person teaching.

Melissa Deal


Inspiring women to enjoy their horses through compassionate training! CT Coach based in North Carolina.

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Melissa Deal

  • Location: Burgaw, North Carolina, US
  • Lessons: I offer freelance teaching at my yard and in the local area
  • Clinics: I love to travel to teach Clinics
  • Online: I offer online Coaching Calls and Video Reviews


Phone: (1) 910-471-5445
Skype: melissa.deal8

Turning your horse related challenges into victories is my passion! Do you crave learning to achieve reliable, repeatable results as you shape your horse’s behavior and build confidence in your own abilities? You can enjoy your horse like never before. Feel like a girl again as you and your horse become deeply bonded through your Connection Training (CT) coaching experience with Melissa. 

Melissa is a Qualified Connection Training Coach, a Shawna Karrasch Master Course participant, a Recognized Compassionate Equestrian member and facility owner, founding member of Coastal Carolina Compassionate Equestrians and is certified by ARIA in Dressage, Hunt Seat and Western Equitation. While Dressage is a personal favorite pastime, Melissa also adores obstacle training, de-spooking exercises, ground work and tricks for solving a variety of behavioral challenges and goals under tack and on the ground. From trailer loading to flying changes Melissa can provide you with simple easy to follow virtual lessons, training plans, guidance and online materials. With your input, she will customize just the right program for your horse’s abilities and personality and your own needs! 

Melissa’s track record of rehabilitating horses who have suffered mentally, physically and emotionally from the devastation of high-pressure training and abuse speaks for itself. Horses can learn to love being ridden! For example: A once physically and emotionally abused animal now performs happily in the dressage arena and wins! Previously confused and nervous – he now has a repertoire of tricks, loves being around people and seeks to both engage and please. Learn more about the special horse that led me to CT and the success of his complete rehabilitation in this video Getting your Horse to Say YES and Love it! Getting your Horse to Say Yes and Love it! Video 1

Like many of you, Melissa has experienced traumatic personal injury and loss of confidence. She wasn’t even able to walk at all for close to a year after a riding accident. “I’ve felt unable to help a horse I loved. I’ve made every mistake possible it seems and felt horrifically responsible for past training failures. The horses in my life, my clients and I am living proof that your journey can be different. CT works on so many levels!” Melissa emphatically states.

You and your horse can join Melissa and her clients and Connection Training members by learning the positive reinforcement (PR) process and experience life changing results. PR methods aren’t just for teaching horses. They work for people too. No need to worry about judgment or criticism from Melissa. Your comfort and learning and your horse’s happiness are vitally important to her and her team!

“I am a lifelong learner who has been studying with Shawna Karrasch and CT for years. I understand the doubts and fears that can come with trying a new instructor, training methodology and/or application, especially in an unfamiliar format. That’s why I offer an introductory lesson money back guarantee,” promises Melissa.

You have nothing to lose, if you want a safe, happy, connected relationship with a relaxed, confident horse. Schedule a session with Melissa and enjoy learning to communicate with your horse on a whole new level! 

 “Examples of Positive Reinforcement Training with Humans by Melissa Deal” 

Video 2 Humans and Horses + R training Video 2

Video 3 Humans and Horses +R training Video 3

Positive Proof that Reward Based Training with Melissa Deal Works – Testimonial Videos

Ulrike and Linkin’s Story – Loved my Experience with Melissa

Lil and Rico’s Story – Clicker Convert Happy Under Saddle

Isabelle and Dan – Happy Trails and Super Showing Fun

Laura’s Story – Life Changing for all of her Horses

Melody and Gypsy’s Transformation Story – Loving Loading

Sharon’s Journey 

KK’s Confession and Heartwarming Story    


Melissa put in an amazing amount of effort.  It was apparent that she was watching and re-watching my videos, picking out the tiniest details.  She was very good about questioning me about what was happening rather than just telling me her opinion on what she saw.  She made a huge effort to really understand not only what was going on in a particular video, but to understand the horse’s and my backgrounds, what I wanted, and what we already had that we could build on.  She has a very good grasp of how the basics relate to more complex behaviors, and of a reasonable evolution from said basics to a finished behavior appropriate for a particular horse and handler.  She was very particular about my timing and technique, and in taking ME back to the basics, she helped me improve my horse’s behaviors immensely.

Melissa brings a depth of knowledge in classical training and teaching to clicker training.  We need more trainers like her and I would recommend  Melissa to anyone! 

Nancy and Kena
After making contact with Melissa I realized I had more pressing issues to take care of that I had been ignoring. Hershey’s emotions and attitude were over threshold (over arousal, aggressive, pinning ears, cutting me off etc) a fair amount of the time. Melissa revealed to me that my high/quick energy while handling him, along with small amounts of food and long sessions were possibly contributing to these behaviours. She devised a plan for me to somewhat back up in my training. I began by being in Hershey’s presence with protective contact, observe behaviour, look for patterns and collect data in his response to me (arousal and relaxation). I learned how to focus and feed for softness and relaxation along with how to observe Hershey’s emotions and keep them under threshold. Hershey has much greater focus in our sessions now that I’ve learned to keep them short, take breaks and return for more training time. Hershey is now backing 30-40 feet from me at liberty along with trotting/cantering a 70” target square with 4, small jumps! Super exciting! Melissa was extremely easy to talk with and explain my issues to. She has the most vivacious and encouraging way about her. I could literally talk with her for hours! She always gave me a clear roadmap to follow in my training of Hershey. I especially am grateful for the written recaps of the video evaluations and our phone discussions. I have printed them to create a “Melissa Deal Training Binder”! They are indispensable and I have reread them numerous times. She is the most thorough instructor that I have ever had! I will definitely continue to use Melissa in the future!.
Sharon and Hershey
I was looking for a kind way to work with my horse that focused on building our partnership. Slim was highly motivated to work with us. he loves both food and attention. I learned ways to help slim relax and now have tools to explain what it is i want from him in a way he can understand. Melissa is very intelligent and able to look at a problem in many ways. When something wasnt working she was able to adjust the plan quickly and come up with new approaches. I like how she can see views things from the horses prespective and helps me to understand when i am confusing my horse. I have really enjoyed connection training and my coach. I cant wait to see where it takes me in the future! Melissa was extremely easy to talk with and explain my issues to. She has the most vivacious and encouraging way about her. I could literally talk with her for hours! She always gave me a clear roadmap to follow in my training of Hershey. I especially am grateful for the written recaps of the video evaluations and our phone discussions. I have printed them to create a “Melissa Deal Training Binder”! They are indispensable and I have reread them numerous times. She is the most thorough instructor that I have ever had! I will definitely continue to use Melissa in the future!.
Laura and Slim
Melissa Deal is making a movement in the equine industry. Compelling people to find a better way to communicate, and a kinder way to live, with their horse. She is showing people that positive reinforcement has a place in the professional scene. Anyone can benefit from her methods. If you are looking to have a better relationship, a partnership, look to Melissa Deal to help you build that trust!!!

Jewell Horton

Claire Waldron


CT Coach and founder of Cortijo de Segura, working with rescued horses in Spain.

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Claire Waldron

  • Location: Granada, Spain
  • Lessons: I offer courses and lessons on our rescued horses at our centre, Cortijo de Segura
  • Clinics: I love to travel to teach Clinics around Spain, Portugal and the Azores
  • Online: I offer online Coaching Calls and Video Reviews


Phone: 0034 696672477
Skype: claire.waldron

Hi, I’m Claire Waldron and I am proud to be Connection Training’s first Certified Coach. I joined CT when it was launched in 2014 as an Elite Student. I live in Spain and needed help with my traumatised mare, Segura. I wasn’t sure that I could get the help I needed online, but I was desperate and there was no help available locally.

I am so glad I took the chance! I had monthly coaching calls with Hannah, Rachel or Shawna. I restarted Segura following the Foundation Course, and bit by bit, she began to calm down and respond to me. Within the year I was back to riding her again and we developed a once-in a lifetime relationship.

This gave me a new path in life. I began working in Customer Support for CT and set my eyes on becoming a CT Coach. I already had an HND in Equine Management and had studied Equine Behaviour online. I had also worked at Leahurst Equine Veterinary Hospital (Liverpool University) where I had taught horse-handling to vet students, so I knew I loved teaching.

I spoke at the CT Conference, 2016, where I was also awarded my Coaching Certificate. I began coaching online and also taught live in the Azores. I love both equally. It’s great to be with students and be able to actually work with the horses directly in live teaching. Online teaching is wonderful too. It is so effective to watch a video of their work with a student, as we see so much we can work on. Students make wonderful progress and I am living proof how effective it is, for handling, riding and the relationship.

Also in 2016, Rachel Bedingfield and I decided to form a business together to create Cortijo de Segura at my home in Spain. We have up to 10 rescued horses and students stay at our lovely villa for holiday courses. We host Connection Training Instructors and run Courses in horsemanship, such as hoof trimming and equine behaviour. I am very proud to be running this venture alongside my teaching.

CT Vlogs: From Rescue to Ridden
From Fear to Fun

My foster ponies Hope and Valiente come from ARCH Rescue Centre, Malaga –  we feature in their newsletter from time to time. Here are the links:
Valiente’s Progress
When TLC Isn’t Enough
Hope and Valiente off to School – Archies Issue 1

Angelica Hesselius


CT Coach and Academic Art of Riding Instructor based in Sweden.

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Angelica Hesselius

  • Location: Sundsvall, Sweden
  • Lessons: I travel all over Sweden and internationally to give clinics and lectures. For those nearby there is possibilities for freelance lessons and study groups. Parts of the year I also welcome students to come to my home as week-students with their own horse or to work with my horses and take part of my everyday training.
  • Online: I offer online Coaching Calls and Video Reviews
  • Languages Spoken: English, Swedish, Scandinavian Languages


Skype: annidala


Horses and horse training are my greatest passions. In both my own training and in my teaching I focus on balance. Balance through both connection with the horses mind and connection with the horses body. I love how gymnastics and a greater body awareness can improve our relationships with our horses and ourselves. I’m also a longtime teacher and trainer of the Academic Art of Riding- a way of gymnasticising your horse according to the classical principles of dressage guided by modern biomechanics.

So, even though a search for balance has guided most of my horse life I was, however, looking for more. More connection, more relaxation. I want horses that love training and to be around their humans. I want to give my horses more choices and more control to be able to be really active participants in their own education. This is something I have found in Connection Training, and a more process-focused way of teaching.

My greatest teachers on my journey are, however, my lovely horses. Each and every one with their own special needs. I believe education should be accessible to everyone and to every-horse, no matter the breed. This, and a welcoming open atmosphere, is something we found in the Connection Training Club and also something I try to mediate in my teaching every day: Think, grow. Learn, know.

Kristen Vanderpool


CT Coach and groundwork, riding and obstacles specialist based in Red Deer Alberta, Canada

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Kristen Vanderpool

  • Location: Red Deer Alberta, Canada
  • Lessons: I teach individual and group lessons and clinics in Central Alberta
  • Online: I offer online Coaching Calls and Video Reviews





I realized a number of years ago that positive reinforcement was the only way I wanted to train.  Since then, I’ve been able to develop and create meaningful connections with horses and other animals. Connection Training has been perfect for this.  Creating a partnership based on mutual trust and cooperation is what I love and the main reason why I do this.  I am honored to help others in any way I can.


My favorite thing to work on is foundation ground/saddle work.  I love starting horses and creating a great foundation of trust.  I enjoy combining this with obstacles, and objects; they make the foundation work more fun and help to create trust, reduce fear and develop balance skills.  I have worked with many horses in this area and it brings me great joy to see their success!


I currently school in Classical Dressage under a Phillipe Karl certified instructor.  I am able to take what I learn and convert it to R+ easily.  I’m happy to share what I know.


I wanted some coaching to help relax my sensitive horse and give him more confidence. The training did relax the horse and seemed to make him more trusting. Kristen is very patient and really watches the horses body language. I would definitely recommend her as a coach.
Monica and Jango
I wanted some online coaching because there are times when I feel isolated and having someone to share with and get advice from is so beneficial. It was a great way of focusing. Also it was a great track record of progress.   Kristen was very interested in my horse. She observered the minutiae and gave great feed back in detail. She was very prepared to listen to me and view things from my point of view. Kristen cares about her work and  horses. Her feedback is detailed and to the point.
Noreen and Sarah
 I am working on changing my way of being with my horses by using positive reinforcement as much as I can. We have been struggling with fear and anxiety after the trip from Iceland to Denmark and traumatic experiences during the New Year fireworks, which were close by and some were just outside the stable. Now, about 4 months later, they have improved immensely. I don’t think this would have been possible for me without guidance from the videos at the CT website and the coaching I have received from Kristen over the last few weeks.   The horses have become much calmer and specially with the target training, they are gradually beeing able to turn their focus more to me and less to suspicious sounds and spooky things in their new environment.   The Skype meetings with Kristen were generally inspirational for me and it was easy to understand her points. Kristen gave me confidence in what I was doing and gave me lots of good tips on new things to try and how I could improve what I was already doing. She also gave me references to specific videos on the CT website which was very helpful.   After the Skype meetings Kristen sent me write-ups of what we had discussed with detailed and specific comments, which I now can come back to and adopt into my practice with the horses as we continue after the coaching period. This will be a good resource for me in the coming weeks and months.   Kristen had a good eye when analyzing my videos and I liked her comments and the way she expressed them without being judgmental. See is apparently a very positive person with ability to communicate her arguments in a clear manner.  I would gladly recommend her as a coach.
Johannes and his herd

Judith Edel


CT Coach and horse agility specialist based in Wales, UK

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Judith Edel

  • Location: Llandrindod Wells, Wales, UK
  • Lessons and Clinics: I teach regular monthly Horse Agility clinics, and am available for clinics (Horse Agility or CT) and freelance lessons. I teach mainly in mid Wales and the surrounding counties (Herefordshire, Shropshire, South and West Wales), but I can also travel further afield.
  • Online: I offer online Coaching Calls and Video Reviews

I have loved horses all my life, and although I grew up in a city I was lucky enough to spend my weekends and school holidays at a local riding school. I learned a lot about the practical side of riding and caring for horses, and built good relationships with a lot of the ponies, but always had a feeling that there could (and should) be more to the relationship than just riding and hard work. It wasn’t until years later when Honey, my first horse, was on box rest that I discovered the fun of clicker training to give us things to do and think about while she was recovering from an injury. It was clicker training (and later Connection Training) that showed me that the missing part of the puzzle had been that the horses weren’t enjoying the relationship as much as the people were, and once the horses were given the opportunity  to both understand and truly enjoy what we were doing, it became much more fun for all of us.


I enjoy teaching all aspects of horsemanship, and I consider that my job as a coach is to make horsemanship fun – as fun for the horse as it is for the handler. I have had first-hand experience of when things go wrong, when both handlers and horses can lose confidence in each other. I have helped many partnerships rebuild their relationship, using the principles and process of positive reinforcement to overcome fears and doubt, and to create a bond that is strong, deep, and secure.


My speciality is obstacle training and Horse Agility; I am a Horse Agility Accredited Trainer and have been European Horse Agility Champion (liberty or on lead) four times with my little rescue pony, Pip, and my donkey Molly, who was also Reserve World Champion donkey in 2017 – we are proudly taking positive reinforcement right to the top of international competition! I teach regular monthly Horse Agility clinics, and love using obstacle training to help both horses and humans overcome their fears and worries, gain confidence in each other and learn new ways to communicate, using empathy, emotional awareness, and of course positive reinforcement.


Positive Equitation: Making Horsemanship Fun





Belinda Daws


CT Coach passionate about the horse-human journey together based in Queensland, Australia

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Belinda Daws

  • Location: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
  • Lessons:I teach lessons in areas of South East Qld and the North Coast of New South Wales
  • Online: I offer online Coaching Calls and Video Reviews
I’m thrilled to now be a certified Connection Training Coach! It’s amazing to have the opportunity to pay forward what I myself have received from Connection Training, with the incredibly rewarding work of helping others as they progress on their individual learning journeys with their equines. 
My horsey history started with a horse-obsessed childhood, and continued through a range of different jobs, including horse manager at an agistment centre and groom for multiple FEI dressage riders. It was a childhood dream come true to actually be paid to do what I loved, particularly those jobs that involved training and riding. I worked with a variety of horses, from the first handling of foals through to schooling FEI dressage movements. 
At university I majored in zoology, with my particular favourite areas being anthrozoology, animal behaviour and ethology. This sciencey background was one of the things that drew me towards evidence-based, welfare-focused horse training. 
Positive reinforcement really appealed to me as soon as I first saw how much more the horses got out of it compared to their usual training. I dabbled in clicker training off and on for years, having done some with my dogs previously, but I always felt I was missing important pieces of the puzzle. Hardly anyone else around me knew about this new way of training, and there was no-one local to turn to for help and support. 
Thankfully I found Connection Training. The combination of emotion-focused positive reinforcement training, good horse sense from experienced horse people, and a supportive learning environment, turned out to be exactly what I had been searching for. 
Now I’m lucky enough to get to help and support others with their training. I love seeing the change in both horse and human as they grow and learn together. It’s amazing how we can help horses “feel better about stuff”, as we teach them fun new things, plus all the basics they need for a happy life around humans. The level of communication that develops sometimes feels like magic, and that feeling never gets old. 


I wanted help in my journey to find a kinder way to help train my donkeys and ponies. The donkey I was training was a wild caught jenny and was quite timid and I didn’t want to scare her as she is very sweet. I have a much more confident donkey now who is willing to try things and is much easier to handle with her husbandry behaviours. Belinda is firstly, a very kind and empathetic person. She has immediate understanding of my situation and what I am trying achieve. She has a gentle way of suggesting alternatives and giving a different angle of a problem. She is very encouraging and when I finished speaking with her I felt motivated and postive. I have gotten a lot of confidence in myself while having support from Belinda and I think she is going to be valuable to the world of positive training. Thank you to Connection Training and to Belinda for this opportunity. I have found it to be a positive influence on my training for my animals. My jenny came a long way in a short time. Thanks again,
Fiona and Georgia
There were lots of benefits to this training. Firstly, I started recording myself and watching videos back of myself which I had never done before, this was a good learning experience in itself. I probably wouldn’t have got the push to do this without taking up this training opportunity. Secondly, Belinda provided me with some great tips and advice that made a major difference to my training. Thirdly, I took notes from what Belinda said and that helped me slow everything down a bit and be a bit more clear on what I wanted. Fourth, it was really lovely to have someone to talk to that was on the same page as me. Finally, it was nice to have someone to discuss my problems with when I got stuck and not feel like I was on my own. Belinda was very encouraging which helped kept me motivated. She suggested things in a very open way. She was also an excellent listener. Belinda paid great attention to detail, some of the video I provided her was not of the best quality but she still picked up on subtle things which made a big difference to my training. It was also helpful when Belinda played the videos back to me via Skype and went through them with me. Belinda always seemed well prepared for our phone calls.
Chloe and Dom
I like the way Belinda looked at the videos I sent and commented directly on them. That way her comments were very relevant to my problems. She was also very kind and understanding. We worked on 2 horses who are not that easy. And I felt she really understood that. I would certainly recommend this coach. She was very competent and professional. I wish to thank Belinda for the help she gave us. I shall send her news of our progress from time to time.
Emilie and Salsa

Suzy Deurinck

The Netherlands

CT Coach specialising in problem-solving and behaviour based in The Netherlands

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Suzy Deurinck

  • Location: Bergen Op Zoom, The Netherlands
  • Lessons: I teach lessons at your horse's place
  • Clinics: I teach clinics with horses and give theory seminars. My lessons and clinics are taught in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany
  • Online: I offer online Coaching Calls and Video Reviews
  • Languages: I teach in Dutch or English


Skype: Suzybelt

Hello 🙂 I am Suzy and I so happy to be a Connection Training Coach. I work fulltime with horses and horse owners to help them understand each other better. As an animal scientist, I love using the latest research and figuring out why horses act the way they do.

Reward based training is a life style and not just a trick I use with horses. My goal is to have everyone enjoying themself: both horse and human!

I have a 21 year old mare. She used to be very anxious and went easily into the shut-down mode. She has changed so much! I think I can summarize it by the change of her spirit animal: it used to be Eeyore and nowadays it is Tina Turner!

I work a lot with aggression, since that is a big issue in my area. My point of view is that you first have to show the horse you are his/her friend, before you even think about setting up rules. I love the moment the horse connects with the owner, and all the anxiety and stress disappear.

Another subject that I often see is loading. The interesting part about loading is, that you can so do much in training! I advice people to take smaller -but effective-  steps and it works like a charm.


I wanted some coaching to learn more about training with positive reinforcement, and to improve my training technique, to receive expert feedback/suggestions on how to help my horses learn.Amazing to have expert feedback on how I trained, with my own horses. The distance aspect/filming training sessions was great as we could work at our own pace, and it fitted in really well with daily life. The training goals were achievable and flexible, depending on how the horse was learning – so there was no pressure and the training felt very supportive. Suzy’s approach was really friendly, supportive, caring, and insightful, providing thought-provoking perceptions and interesting feedback – receiving positive feedback was great too! She made some great book recommendations to improve further and to learn more about horse behaviour. I would recommend Suzy and I would like to work with her myself again in the future. She is a great Coach!
Aimee and Murphy and George
I wanted some coaching because the clickertraining was going ok, we were past the first obstacles and it was going really nice, but I had no idea how to get my horse motivated to move a little more. He was always angry, head tossing, ears back, would go only for a few steps and I “lost” him quickly and a lot (losing meaning him checking out, stopping and staring in the distance etc. ). So I wanted some guidelines to improve these things. We improved so much more, not only the moving is going better, but our whole connection feels different. Also got great tips about his spooking on walks, which basically is caused by trigger stacking, and how to deal with that. Since then he has hardly spooked at all and our walks are much more fun! He’s trotting nicely with the around-a-roundpen and we’re playing around with cantering now. Never could imagine he would do all that with only me asking, haha. I liked how nice and understanding Suzy was, searching for the best things (because when you have problems you tend to forget about the things that are going great) and how to improve the others. I liked it the way it went, it really helped me. It really gave us a boost in our connection and training.
Bienie and Cobe

Venya Bonebakker


CT Coach specialising focused on a happy horse-human relationship and healthy management 

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Venya Bonebakker

  • Location: Zvolen, Slovak Republic
  • Lessons and Clinics: I teach lessons and clinics at your horse's place or you can come to me and have lessons with my 7 equids - 5 horses, 1 pony, 1 donkey
  • I teach lessons and clinics in Slovakia and surrounding countries. I'm happy to travel further on request.
  • Online: I offer online Coaching Calls, Video Reviews and Slovak language membership site.
  • Languages: I teach in Slovak or English



Phone/Whatsapp: 00421911911980

I started my R+ journey 11 years ago, but having no information nor money,  I was left to experiment with my horses on my own. I have been a horse owner for 18 years and have kept a bunch of them at home for 13 years, so I had enough material and time to experiment with :D. However, it was very painful as I created some overaroused horses. However, I wasn’t ready to give up on my way of having harmonious partnership in which we all are happy and continued to search for answers.

Fortunately enough, I discovered Hannah 7 years ago, fell in love with her attitude and soon invited her to teach at our place. It was the first ever clicker horse demonstration in Slovak and also Czech republic. Since then, I’ve been building a community in our country around R+ and inviting the best teachers like Hannah, Rachel, Shawna Karrasch, Rachael Draaisma and, nowadays, colleagues such as CT Coaches Angelica Hesselius and Suzy Deurinck.

In my training I love experimenting with all kind of techniques and creating happier horses. I am bit obsessed with their emotional state and I love to observe every small change in their attitude or expression and search for a way how to change it into better state of mind.


Honestly, the emotional state of the horse is, for me, much more important than teaching behaviors. My focus is always on the relationship part, which is sometimes tricky to keep in balance with training when using food rewards.  

In my coaching, I focus on you and your horse as partners, where both have some needs. Taking into account your personality and your horse’s emotional state, my aim is to find a training plan which fits to both of you.

Gesine Jimenez Martinez


CT Coach passionate about healthy movement and groundwork based in Moss, Norway 

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Gesine Jimenez Martinez

  • Location: Moss, Norway
  • I love to give presentations and demonstrations
  • I teach freelance lessons and clinics
  • Online: I offer online Coaching Calls and Video Reviews
  • Languages: I teach in German, Norwegian or English
  • I teach mostly in South-Eastern Norway, but I love to travel anywhere in the world!


Phone: +47 41372232

Skype name: Gesine.ewert

For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated by the movement of horses. I can watch them in the pasture roaming, playing and running for hours without getting bored. As I got older and more engaged in the equestrian world, I realized how many horses lose their ease, flexibility and joy of movement after being put into training – or “work”.

Since then my goal has always been to find a way of training horses that wouldn’t take anything away from their worriless days as youngsters in the field, but to add something positive to their everyday life so they could grow into strong, healthy bodies and personalities. In my opinion, Connection Training gives us all the tools to achieve this goal, and that’s why I am over the moon to be able to pass on and gain new experiences and knowledge with such a great partner at my side.

I have always been a big fan of ground-work for the simple reason that I can see the horse in his or her entirety and enjoy the movement. And with the help of some great trainers, I found ground-work to be the most useful tool for me to help a horse recover his balance, strength and joy in movement.


Over the years, and especially with the help of Connection Training, I learned about the importance of a happy and relaxed state of mind to make progress in physical rehabilitation and vice versa, that stressed, anxious horses turned into calm, reliable rides after their physical issues were addressed. I try to look at every problem in a holistic way; so, even when I work with a physical issue, I try to make training as mentally stimulating as possible and look for potential improvement in management, nutrition, enrichment etc.


My dream for the future of horses and humans is that humans start to see their horses with different eyes – not looking for what the horse can do for them but what they can enjoy together based on a mutually beneficial connection. I believe, many of the Connection Trainers are already there and I am gratefully looking forward to working and growing together with you on our equine journey!

Megan Hines


CT Coach based at a rescue centre in Ireland, specialising in helping leisure and rescue horses.

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Megan Hines

  • Location: Carbury, Co. Kildare, Ireland
  • Lessons and Clinics: I teach throughout Ireland and can travel to the UK. I offer private coaching as well as courses, clinics and demonstrations for groups.
  • Online: I offer online coaching (GMT)
  • Working Students: Our rescue farm offers horse care and training placements
  • Languages: I teach in English (South African)



Skype: Megan Hines, username megan.twine 


I am passionate about building a trusting human-equine relationship, avoiding unnecessary stress and fear in training, and empowering animals to choose to participate in their own care. I started my Positive Reinforcement journey almost 20 years ago, training dogs, and I am currently assistant manager on a private equine rescue. My focus is rehabilitating abused and/or neglected rescues through LIMA (least invasive, minimally aversive) principles, utilising counter conditioning, systematic desensitisation, and of course positive reinforcement. 
I was taught by SANEF instructors for 10 years in South Africa, where I had the opportunity to experience different equestrian disciplines including vaulting, gymkhana, dressage, jumping and cross country. Upon moving to Ireland, I began to volunteer with equine rescues. I then began science-based study of equine emotions, behaviour and training, and discovered Connection Training. 
Connection Training has broadened my skills and helped shape me into the positive person I am today. 
I continue to further my understanding of equine behaviour and training, learning from world recognised equine/mixed species positive reinforcement trainers and equine behaviourists, recently completing the Resolving Fear in Horses course from the IAABC.
My pony Redser is an Irish Cob who came into the rescue traumatised, reactive and dangerous. I started working with him in early 2016 as one of my Equine Case Studies and I adopted him about a year later. He has come on in leaps and bounds and is now a fun, friendly, and outgoing pony. When he is ready he will be started under saddle using CT techniques, a process I am greatly looking forward to!
Working students: 
Our rescue farm offers the opportunity to visit us for 6+ weeks as a working student where you get to help with everyday care and training of the animals. Get to grips with basic training mechanics, learn to recognise equine behaviour, and help train husbandry behaviours like voluntary hoof lifts, deworming etc. This is a great way to start out with an animal that suits your experience level and will support you in your learning process. Contact me for details.

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