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You can find us all online in the CT Club. Members get access to Coaches for one-to-one video lessons and support.


There are a wide range of in-person CT clinics, lessons and seminars all around the world with Rachel, Hannah and the CT Coaches.

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The CT Team and Coaches come from all over the world. If you would like to organise an event or book lessons, please contact the Coaches directly.

Coaching from Hannah and Rachel and CT Coaches

Hannah Weston

CT Team

Hannah can be found predominantly online in the CT Club, where she continues to make and share training videos for the (already bursting!) Home Study Courses, as well as offering support, advice and updates for CT Club Members. 

In real life, she is based in North Yorkshire, England, and offers local lessons and regular teaching days at Hope Pastures Rescue Centre. She also teaches clinics and seminars around Europe.

Rachel Bedingfield

ct team

Rachel can also be found online in the CT Club, supporting members and sharing new material.

She splits her time between North Yorkshire, where her horses live together with Hannah’s herd, and Cortijo de Segura in Spain, which is a training center she co-founded with CT Coach Claire Waldron. Cortijo de Segura offers CT training courses in the sunshine with rescued horses.

You can also follow Hannah and Rachel through the Connection Training Facebook Page, Youtube Channel and Instagram!

CT Coaches

Our Coaches are highly experienced, knowledgeable horse trainers, certified in coaching Connection Training techniques. You can find them all in the Connection Training Club where they offer online Coaching, find Events with CT Coaches in the Calendar or follow the links in their bio’s for in-person teaching.

Melissa Deal


Dressage and CT Coach based at Victory Land Dressage, Burgaw, North Carolina.

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Melissa Deal

  • Location: Burgaw, North Carolina, US
  • Lessons: I offer freelance teaching at my yard and in the local area
  • Clinics: I love to travel to teach Clinics
  • Online: I offer online Coaching in the CT Club


Phone: (1) 910-471-5445
Skype: melissa.deal8

Turning your horse related challenges into victories is my passion! Learn to achieve reliable, repeatable results as you shape your horse’s behavior and build confidence in your own abilities. Create a joyful relationship like you’ve never known before. Feel like a girl again as you and your horse become deeply bonded through your Connection Training (CT) coaching experience with me.

I am a Qualified Connection Training Coach, certified by ARIA in Dressage, Hunt Seat and Western. While Dressage is of particular interest, I also use obstacle training, de-spooking exercises, ground work and tricks to solve a variety of behavioral challenges under tack and on the ground from trailer loading to flying changes. With your input, I will customize just the right program for your horse’s abilities and personality and your needs!

My track record of rehabilitating horses who have suffered mentally and emotionally from high pressure training speaks for itself. They can learn to love being ridden!

For example: A once physically and emotionally abused animal now performs happily in the dressage arena and wins. Once confused and nervous- he now has a repertoire of tricks, loves being around people and seeks to please. Learn more about the special horse that led me to CT and the success of his complete rehabilitation here:

Like many of you, I’ve experienced personal injury and loss of confidence. I’ve felt unable to help a horse I loved. I’ve made every mistake possible it seems. The horses in my life, my clients and I am living proof that your journey can be different. CT works! You and your horse can learn the positive reinforcement (PR) process and experience life changing results. PR methods aren’t just for teaching horses. They work for people too. No need to worry about judgment or criticism. Your comfort and learning are also important to me! I am a lifelong learner who has been studying with Shawna and the CT team for years. I understand the doubts and fears that can come with trying a new instructor, especially in an unfamiliar format so I offer an introductory lesson money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose, if you want a safe, happy, connected relationship with a relaxed, confident horse. Book a session with me and enjoy learning to communicate with your horse on a whole new level! (Virtual lesson testimonials available upon request.)

Here are some extra videos from my Youtube Channel:

“Getting your Horse to Yes and Love It!”

“An Example of Positive Reinforcement Training with Humans by Melissa Deal”

Claire Waldron


CT Coach and founder of Cortijo de Segura, working with rescued horses in Spain.

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Claire Waldron

  • Location: Granada, Spain
  • Lessons: I offer courses and lessons on our rescued horses at our centre, Cortijo de Segura
  • Clinics: I love to travel to teach Clinics around Spain, Portugal and the Azores
  • Online: I offer online Coaching in the CT Club


Phone: 0034 696672477
Skype: claire.waldron

Hi, I’m Claire Waldron and I am proud to be Connection Training’s first Certified Coach. I joined CT when it was launched in 2014 as an Elite Student. I live in Spain and needed help with my traumatised mare, Segura. I wasn’t sure that I could get the help I needed online, but I was desperate and there was no help available locally.

I am so glad I took the chance! I had monthly coaching calls with Hannah, Rachel or Shawna. I restarted Segura following the Foundation Course, and bit by bit, she began to calm down and respond to me. Within the year I was back to riding her again and we developed a once-in a lifetime relationship.

This gave me a new path in life. I began working in Customer Support for CT and set my eyes on becoming a CT Coach. I already had an HND in Equine Management and had studied Equine Behaviour online. I had also worked at Leahurst Equine Veterinary Hospital (Liverpool University) where I had taught horse-handling to vet students, so I knew I loved teaching.

I spoke at the CT Conference, 2016, where I was also awarded my Coaching Certificate. I began coaching online and also taught live in the Azores. I love both equally. It’s great to be with students and be able to actually work with the horses directly in live teaching. Online teaching is wonderful too. It is so effective to watch a video of their work with a student, as we see so much we can work on. Students make wonderful progress and I am living proof how effective it is, for handling, riding and the relationship.

Also in 2016, Rachel Bedingfield and I decided to form a business together to create Cortijo de Segura at my home in Spain. We have up to 10 rescued horses and students stay at our lovely villa for holiday courses. We host Connection Training Instructors and run Courses in horsemanship, such as hoof trimming and equine behaviour. I am very proud to be running this venture alongside my teaching.

CT Vlogs: From Rescue to Ridden
From Fear to Fun

My foster ponies Hope and Valiente come from ARCH Rescue Centre, Malaga –  we feature in their newsletter from time to time. Here are the links:
Valiente’s Progress
When TLC Isn’t Enough
Hope and Valiente off to School – Archies Issue 1

Angelica Hesselius


CT Coach and Academic Art of Riding Instructor based in Sweden.

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Angelica Hesselius

  • Location: Sundsvall, Sweden
  • Lessons: I travel all over Sweden and internationally to give clinics and lectures. For those nearby there is possibilities for freelance lessons and study groups. Parts of the year I also welcome students to come to my home as week-students with their own horse or to work with my horses and take part of my everyday training.
  • Online: I offer online Coaching in the CT Club
  • Languages Spoken: English, Swedish, Scandinavian Languages


Skype: annidala


Horses and horse training are my greatest passions. In both my own training and in my teaching I focus on balance. Balance through both connection with the horses mind and connection with the horses body. I love how gymnastics and a greater body awareness can improve our relationships with our horses and ourselves. I’m also a longtime teacher and trainer of the Academic Art of Riding- a way of gymnasticising your horse according to the classical principles of dressage guided by modern biomechanics.

So, even though a search for balance has guided most of my horse life I was, however, looking for more. More connection, more relaxation. I want horses that love training and to be around their humans. I want to give my horses more choices and more control to be able to be really active participants in their own education. This is something I have found in Connection Training, and a more process-focused way of teaching.

My greatest teachers on my journey are, however, my lovely horses. Each and every one with their own special needs. I believe education should be accessible to everyone and to every-horse, no matter the breed. This, and a welcoming open atmosphere, is something we found in the Connection Training Club and also something I try to mediate in my teaching every day: Think, grow. Learn, know.

Kristen Vanderpool


CT Coach and groundwork, riding and obstacles specialist based in Red Deer Alberta, Canada

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Kristen Vanderpool

  • Location: Red Deer Alberta, Canada
  • Lessons: I teach individual and group lessons and clinics in Central Alberta
  • Online: I offer online Coaching in the CT Club





I realized a number of years ago that positive reinforcement was the only way I wanted to train.  Since then, I’ve been able to develop and create meaningful connections with horses and other animals. Connection Training has been perfect for this.  Creating a partnership based on mutual trust and cooperation is what I love and the main reason why I do this.  I am honored to help others in any way I can.


My favorite thing to work on is foundation ground/saddle work.  I love starting horses and creating a great foundation of trust.  I enjoy combining this with obstacles, and objects; they make the foundation work more fun and help to create trust, reduce fear and develop balance skills.  I have worked with many horses in this area and it brings me great joy to see their success!


I currently school in Classical Dressage under a Phillipe Karl certified instructor.  I am able to take what I learn and convert it to R+ easily.  I’m happy to share what I know.

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