Panksepp’s Emotional Systems in Horses: Conclusion

This video concludes the series exploring Panksepp’s emotional brain systems in horses. These brain systems are found in all mammals and are at the core of how we understand and train our horses. The systems are: SEEKING, CARE, PLAY, FEAR, PANIC, RAGE and LUST.

To view the whole series from the start click HERE.

You can watch all the videos in this series here:

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12 thoughts on “Panksepp’s Emotional Systems in Horses: Conclusion”

  1. Mary Anna Scannell

    I’m going to ad another comment. I wish that you could get together with Ben Hart and do the series again about donkeys. You could both use it to promote positive connection with Donkeys through each of your sites…and both of you could benefit from it to help donkeys owners like me. But donkeys would benefit from it the most. More donkeys would have jobs that are more then companion and tricks…there would be more happy donkeys and happy donkey owners. And sensitive owners who know how smart donkeys are and how loving they can be and how they want to do things with we owners…can understand better how to motivate them forward to driving and riding…without reverting to negative reinforcements. Hopefully an idea that is possible. Then there will be more options to learn to work with donkeys too.

    1. Jacqueline Lopez

      YES PLEASE! I also am looking for info specific to donkeys. There is so little out there. I follow Ben Hart as well 🙂

  2. HI, thanks for a really great series. I studied Panksepp for my COAPE Diploma as a companion animal behaviourist, and your explanations were clear, concise and so easily understandable, made more so by being allied to visible behaviour being demonstrated on the videos. It is both an art and a skill to take a complex subject and simplify it in an easily understandable manner. I was a Nursing Tutor, and taught Psychiatry students, so I really appreciated watching the consummate expertise, while also thoroughly enjoying it!

  3. Rachel Bedingfield

    Thanks for your compliments, Paddy. I really appreciate it. And I’m very glad you enjoyed the videos too, even though you were already familiar with Panksepp’s material.

  4. Just listened to this. So brilliant. I tend to get frustrated with the training. (You know, you have just got something perfect and then your horse gets scared and you have to start all over again)! But here I understand that if my horse learns something and finds it fun then he will always find it fun.

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  6. Thank you Rachel for your video series, your methods are so forward looking and positive. I have just become a horse owner and bought your wonderful book. Your outlook is informing my approach and hopefully shaping the relationship I’m building with my beautiful mare Comfort.

  7. Thank you very very much!
    i do see and work with horses just looking for good emotions! i have a profound respect for them!
    i alrready read HORSES MIND HUMANS MIND..and took courses o NC…so i knew Panksepp but the way you say it all is wondefull. it gives me good words for my own feelings!
    we are going in the same route! thanks a lot!

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