From Rescue to Ridden with our First CT Instructor!

claire-instructorWe are delighted to announce our first CT Instructor, Claire Waldron! Claire has really impressed us with her dedication to learning and practicing Connection Training techniques. She has worked extensively with her horse, Segura (see below), and her two troubled rescued ponies, Hope and Valiente. She has also worked with a local rescue centre and trekking centre, helping them out and teaching them this way of training, too. Based in Spain, Claire has made the most of the CT website, booking regular coaching calls, watching all the courses, posting on the forum and joining every Q&A! In 2015, she organised for Rachel to go out and teach her in Spain, following which she joined our team on customer support and event organisation (yes, she’s the Claire you might have talked to when emailing Claire has arranged a CT course with Shawna next week out in Spain, so is looking forward to some more face-face time (though Youtube and Skype are a great substitute!). We’re delighted to have such a dedicated and lovely person as our first CT Instructor!

If you’re interested in becoming a CT Instructor, please email us at

And now, more from Claire… Here is an excerpt from Claire’s brilliant presentation at the Connection Training Conference 2016. She tells her story of her rescued mare, Segura, and how they moved from some bad falls and a lot of fear to a calm, relaxed and happy partnership.

You can also see Claire working with one of her rescued ponies HERE.

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7 thoughts on “From Rescue to Ridden with our First CT Instructor!”

  1. Congrats Claire 🙂 Lovely to see a snippet of the CT conference, I had been told the lectures were amazing, no one warned me I’d need tissues too

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