From Frustration to Fury – 6. The RAGE System

Horses are naturally peaceable animals in the wild. So why do we see so many aggressive behaviours in domesticity?

In this video, I explore many facets of the RAGE system – does dominance exist in the brain? Why do horses resource-guard? What elements of the RAGE system are triggered through training?

The wonderful clips in this video are from The Cloud Foundation and Wild Horses of the Sandwash Basin. Proceeds donated to The Cloud Foundation help to protect and preserve wild horse herds of America.

You can watch all the videos in this series here:


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8 thoughts on “From Frustration to Fury – 6. The RAGE System”

  1. I just finished watching this series. It is just excellent, Rachel. Thank you so much! For me and my way of thinking and processing things, it really helps to understand the “why’s and wherefore’s”, particularly the physiology, biology, ethology – and so much of what you’re talking about here starkly contradicts what I’ve been taught about horses and training my whole life. Finally, something makes sense and is supported by my own observations!

  2. Just fascinating!!! Much of the information you shared feels completely new, contrary to and very logical in comparison to so much of what I’ve learned from equestrian world so far. Thank you for the well put together insightful videos! I look forward to sharing with my horse friends!!

  3. Rachel Bedingfield

    Thank you for all your positive feedback, everyone. I really enjoyed doing the film research for that one…lots of time spent watching wild horse videos. Great fun.

    His name is Jaak Panksepp, Judith, and you get videos and TED talks if you search for him.

  4. Very helpful with clear information and supported videos. Really appreciate learning more of the science and biology of behavior rather than just taking long-standing training methods at face value. I will need more guidance in setting up Target Training to reducing equine mugging for treats when I show up at the barn. Thanks for addressing this.

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