Riding with Connection: The Rider’s Seat

Getting connected in the saddle is a combination of using rewards to teach your horse behaviours and help him to understand your cues and aids as well as improving your own seat and balance, which your horse responds to naturally. For example, you can encourage and reward your horse for relaxing, lowering his head and lengthening his stride, but if you’re tense in your back and tight in your hips, you’ll be inhibiting this free movement.

To get connection in the saddle, you need both these elements working together – in this video I explain how it works…

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2 thoughts on “Riding with Connection: The Rider’s Seat”

  1. Nelda Gilliam

    I took an elementary belly dancing class and found that the basics are the same as for following your horse’s different gaits. Learning how to lift my shoulders up and back and down lifting my rib cage so that my hips could move independently all while having my weight on my heels was so important. All while keeping one’s head lifted and straight above the spinal column. It was really helpful to me.

  2. Great video and explanation. BUT, could you have these riders use white pants so we can see a contrast against the saddle. It was very hard to see what you were talking about.

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