Problems to Performance – Hannah and Toby’s Story

There’s often a particular horse who drives the search for finding another way to train and connect and overcome problems. For me, that horse was Toby.

He started showing lots of problem behaviours early on in our relationship such as bolting, bucking, refusing to jump, not loading and so on. He really pushed me to search and find a different way to build our relationship and create a happy partnership. When I found reward-based training, it was a huge turning point for us and really did change everything.

Here’s our story…

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5 thoughts on “Problems to Performance – Hannah and Toby’s Story”

  1. Sher Schwartz

    This video is absolutely wonderful. I’m not a super sensitive type, but the story brought tears to my eyes. And, I laughed too. It is such a great portrait of partnership and shows how clicker training really can change both your life and your horse’s life making for so much more enjoyment and enrichment for both of you. Thanks for sharing the journey!

  2. Loved this beautiful post and video so much! Thank you for sharing this with us, Hannah!

    My mare is similar to Toby — we’re actually working on forwards movement under saddle right now. She is really starting to enjoy it on the ground, which is AMAZING and makes me so happy! Toby’s transformation gives me hope that things will only continue to improve! 🙂

    Gonna try some of the strategies you recommended to another student in the forum 😉 Thank you as always for taking the time to craft such thorough responses!!!!! They REALLY do make such a difference! 🙂

    You’re an amazing teacher and an incredible inspiration! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us 🙂

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