How to Train Horse Agility with Clicker Training | Bending, Curtain, Umbrella, Hoop, Jump, Liberty

Horse agility is great for despooking, body awareness, variety, exercise and fun with your horse. This video shows how I work with horses at different stages in their agility training through a variety of obstacles. I’m training using positive reinforcement, which means that I use rewards for my horses, and I’m working at liberty.

Weaving / Bending
– How I set it up to make it easy to start with.
– Starting bending with a beginner horse, then building up to trot and recall through the bending poles. 

Stand in a Hoop – Using a mat to help your horse learn how to do this. – Despooking if they stand on the hoop and building body awareness so that they carefully step inside it.

Walk with an Umbrella (or other spooky object)
– How to use targeting to start building confidence with anxious horses.
– Building it up until the can happily walk under the umbrella with me.
(You can find more on despooking here)

Backing Up on a Soft Mat
– This one is great for body awareness and working on a straight back up.
(Find out more on obstacles and body awareness here)

Archway / Curtain
– Starting in walk with lots of guidance and rewards.
– Moving up into trotting through the curtain.
(Find out more on how to start training the archway here)

Spooky Box Jump
– Using boxes as a simple way to make a novel filler and obstacle.
– Starting by walking between the boxes and building up to liberty jumping.
(Find out more on despooking over jumps here)

You can also find out more about the benefits and how to train horse agility here.

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  1. That was great thank you. I liked that you use items that are easy to find. I’m going to try this with my horses looks like a fun way to break up normal routine!

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