How to Use Objects and All Terrain Training to Build Your Horse’s Co-ordination and Confidence

All of these exercises are designed to improve your horse’s co-ordination as he learns how to navigate different objects and terrain. The sensory feedback improves proprioception and you’ll find your horse becomes more aware of his feet and body through these exercises.

Of course, it’s not just about the physical benefits; all of our training should be relaxed and fun. We teach these exercises gently and progressively so that our horses love to do them and their confidence builds as they become more skilled at them.

Poles, pedestals, foam mats and boards are fun ways to build your horse’s body awareness. Making use of the natural environment in all terrain training adds in variety and interest to your training, too.

These exercises are part of our Gymnastic Groundwork Home Study Course, which teaches you how to improve your horse’s suppleness, straightness, body awareness and movement. It starts with the theory of why this work benefits horses and what exactly it is you’re training. The practical lessons start from leading exercises and build gently and progressively from there, so it’s very clear even if you’ve never done any of this work before. It includes in-hand work, liberty training, object work for body awareness, lateral movements, lunging and all terrain training – all trained softly and positively with the emphasis on both of you having fun!

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