How to Build Your Horse’s Topline with Groundwork in 3 Months CASE STUDY and EXERCISES

Strengthening your horse’s back and core muscles can be simple and fun for both of you. It doesn’t have to be complicated or a battle and you can do it all using groundwork exercises!

In this video, you can follow my mare, India, as I took her from very weak and out of shape to stronger, sounder and fitter in just over 3 months. I show you all the exercises I used and monitor her progress along the way.

These exercises improve your horse’s:

Soundness Symmetry

Spine and back health

Confidence and joy in movement

Connection and communication with you

As with India, you can use these exercises to prepare a horse for being ridden, or you can use them alongside the current work you’re doing.

India finds it hard to build muscle (and she loses it quickly) as she has some metabolic challenges, so her progress was steady and we’re continuing to build it on now she has this base level of fitness.


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