Horse Agility for Despooking, Body Awareness and Fun!

If you’re looking for a fun and varied way to improve your horse’s fitness, proprioception and connection, horse agility and obstacle training could be just the thing for you.

I love to work with obstacles because they give you and your horse a clear, focused task to figure out how you’re going to get around, over, under or through it. While you’re working that out, your horse will naturally become more aware of his feet and movements, building body awareness as well as strength.

Many obstacles are also a bit scary at first, so as you build them up for your horse, you’re working on despooking exercises, too. The more variety of items and situations your horse encounters positively, the more confident he will become generally. This is great practice working up to hacking out with young, green or anxious horses as you can set up obstacles at the right level for your horse in a safe environment as you teach your horse how to stay calm, connected and confident through different obstacles.

It’s also a lot of fun and great for your partnership together! There is an endless variety of obstacles that you can do so it keeps it varied and interesting for both of you. In this video, we have CT Coach and Horse Agility Champion, Judith Edel, to give you some inspiration!

Clicker training is the perfect way to teach your horse agility and obstacles as it brings clarity, positive reinforcement and great communication to your training.


➤ You can learn how to train your horse this way and work over obstacles and jumps in the CT Club, our online membership site. We have step-by-step videos on despooking and obstacle and jump training, both on the ground and ridden, all taught using positive reinforcement. For more info go here.


➤ You can also find out more in the bestselling CT Book, which has a whole chapter on Despooking and another on Jumping and Obstacle Training. Find it on Amazon here.


➤ Judith is based in Wales and teaches Connection Training and Horse Agility in Wales. She also offers online coaching, which you can access from anywhere in the world. Judith’s website is Positive Equitation  You can also find her on facebook


➤ Visit the Horse Agility website for info and online competitions.

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