How to get Confident and Connected Hacking Out on the Trail

Getting out and about with your horse should be fun and enriching for both of you, but it can often be stressful and challenging instead. In this video, you’ll learn my training process for building calmness and confidence with your horse from the arena to riding out confidently.

As always, the training is about how to improve your connection with your horse so that you enjoy going out together as a strong partnership.

There are techniques for:

– Teaching your horse to enjoy exploring the world

How to calm your horse down and stay safe when he spooks

– Despooking exercises

– Using mini-hacks to get started in a progressive way

– When and how to mount or dismount

-Using clicker training or positive reinforcement techniques to make it a really rewarding experience


Hacking out is a brilliant way to build fitness, improve your bond and have a lot of fun together – I hope this gives you some ideas to make it a successful and joyful experience for you and your horse, too.


You can find out more and get step-by-step training tutorials in the CT Club. I can’t wait to see you there!

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2 thoughts on “How to get Confident and Connected Hacking Out on the Trail”

  1. The connection training looks interesting and I can definitely relate to the examples where the horses spooked in the clip.
    I would love to do some training to improve some issues with my own horse.

  2. I just joined the CT club am looking forward to working with myhorses useing clicker training already got some new ideas from this video

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