P2 Get More Relaxation When Riding: Stop Your Horse Rushing, Getting Tense or Trying Too Hard

This video continues the exercises from P1, where we were increasing relaxation in groundwork. Now, we’ve working on reducing tension and rushing when riding lateral exercises. (Watch P1 first)

Tension when riding is common and is shown through behaviours such as rushing, resisting, tail swishing, ear-pinning, napping, spooking and getting anxious or, in the case of some clicker trained horses, trying too hard and getting all worked up about an exercise to get the reward.

Elfine is a rescued Arab mare who came to her owner Sophie with a lot of behavioural issues, making her quite dangerous to handle. Sophie has done a super job with her and she’s improved loads, but she’s very sensitive and highly reactive, so is quick to get anxious, cross or tense.

In this lesson, you’ll learn some positive reinforcement techniques to help your horse stay more relaxed, softer and stop rushing when you’re riding. We look at clarifying Sophie’s cues and helping her to ask as lightly as possible with her aids to help Elfine stay relaxed. We also focus on slowing everything down and rewarding calmer moments to draw attention to that steady softness and reduce her rushing.

We’re focusing on lateral exercises like leg-yield and shoulder-in here, but you can use these techniques for all ridden exercises to help your horse listen to you and stay calm.

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