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Chapter 1: The Emotional Horse

Connection Training is based on the best science of learning and equine emotions. We have combined this with over 20 years of practical experience to create a simple-to-follow training system.

In this book, you will learn: 

• How emotions drive your horse’s behaviour and why training from an emotional perspective makes so much sense.

• How to solve problems in handling, healthcare and loading.

• How to build two-way communication and trust with your horse.

• How to teach healthy postural engagement through gymnastic groundwork in a fun and positive way your horse will love. 

• How to make riding rewarding, safe and fun for both of you.

“This book has taken us a few years to write as we wanted it to clearly explain the principles and values of our approach, while giving practical advice and training techniques you can take straight to your horse.

You’ll learn about the science of equine emotions and ethology and how this guides our training decisions; by understanding why it works, you’ll be able to make the best choices for your horse.

Through plenty of photo illustrations and step-by-step case studies, you’ll learn how to take these training principles and apply them in real life situations. We cover everything from working with scared rescue horses to building balanced and beautiful movement under saddle. 

As an introduction to Connection Training, you’ll gain clarity about what it is exactly we teach, why it works and how it can be adapted for a wide variety of horses and situations.

If you’re already using CT, it will give you a more comprehensive understanding of the training approach as a whole, the science behind it and how it works. From a practical perspective, you’ll get more insight into how different exercises support each other, of the training options available to you and which will help you and your horse the most.

We hope you enjoy it and that it helps you to connect further with your horse.”

Hannah and Rachel

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The Connection Training book is released on 9th November 2019

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Pre-Order Your Copy Now

Pre-Order Your Copy Now

The book is released on 9th November but you can pre-order it on Amazon below:
Paperback: Connection Training: The Heart and Science of Positive Horse Training
Kindle:  Connection Training: The Heart and Science of Positive Horse Training

Paperback> Connection Training: The Heart and Science of Positive Horse Training
Kindle> Connection Training: The Heart and Science of Positive Horse Training

Or, go to your country's Amazon website and search for 'Connection Training equine' and it should come up. 

It's also available from other ebook services and some other online bookshops.

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