De-Spooking Your Horse Over Jumps

This exercise is great to build your horse’s confidence over a wide range of fences, no matter what types of fillers you’ll encounter!
I’m working with India on generalising her confidence to jump first time, even as the jump changes and I add spooky objects around it. We’ve spent loads of time prior to this working on exploring and targeting new and strange objects but, of course, I don’t want her to have to stop and touch each new jump we come across before she’s happy enough to jump it! So, this exercise is the next stage where I’m asking her to ignore whatever is added to the jump and be relaxed and confident to pop it.
We’re working on this using A-B Freejumping (you can find out more about that here and here) so that India has choice and it really is her decision to make the jump. Once she was confident jumping at liberty, I then continued the exercise ridden – you can see the whole session in our jumping Home Study Course.

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