Amazing Liberty Freejumping!

I love working with my horses at liberty. Add in some jumps and it’s a thrill to watch the combination of power and grace from the horse and to witness their joy and connection to me.
This video shows my Warm Blood mare, India, showing off her pretty incredible free-jumping skills. This is  hands-down her favourite thing to do!

Pretty cool, eh?! We’ve also been playing with free-jumping courses and combinations – all shown in this video. Watch it now and be inspired!


This free-jumping is magical but it isn’t magic. It’s simply the result of progressive and positive training. YOU can learn to do this, too, with your horse! Our videos in the CT Club
cover everything you need to do from walking your horse over his first pole to free-jumping anything from skinnies to spreads. You can see India learning these exercises in the course, too. For more info, click here

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7 thoughts on “Amazing Liberty Freejumping!”

  1. Hi Hannah,Likin
    Love the video clip – Roshin is brilliant. Liking the following of a target. My Hannah has bought a little filly foal who finally arrives home to us next week. Of course she will learn all about clicker and never know any other way of communication. Following a target is something that will be fundamental to teach her and we know will come into its own with all sorts of situations. .
    Love to your Mum

  2. Rachel Bedingfield

    Hi Shirley, lovely to see your name here. Sounds lovely to start with a filly foal. We bought India (in the film here, not Roisin) for Hannah’s 21st when she was about 18months old. They have a wonderful relationship as you can see. Hope your Hannah has a great time too. Take care, Rachel

  3. Inspiring! I have an overweight mustang/QH mare who, before she got so fat was very athletic and loved to jump. Am going to try this with her. She’s now off the steroids that caused the weight gain and is feeling better–starting basic clicker training now with her. Thanks for all you guys do!

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