Shawna Teaches Freejumping

Shawna’s signature behaviour is A-B’s Freejumping. It’s a great way to teach horses more about body awareness and jumping as well as great fun for both of you!

Watch Shawna in a live demonstration working with the talented Echo and his lovely human, Vikki, as he learns A-B’s Freejumping for the first time. He’s bright so picks it up quickly and loves the game – in fact, he doesn’t want to stop at the end!


Shawna Karrasch was a founding member of Connection Training, contributing great material like this video. In 2018, she moved onto a new project – you can now find her at Terra Nova, a training center in New Mexico, US, where she teaches lessons and clinics.



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5 thoughts on “Shawna Teaches Freejumping”

  1. What fun! I’m going to do this with my husband and our horses. I’ve been using the clicker for several years now, and my horse really responds well to it. My husband has a new horse and I think they’ll both enjoy this! Thank you.

  2. Just played with this today for the first time. Diego went happily back and forth between my son and I! Such a big step for a horse that’s been afraid of men!

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