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Please note: It is necessary to complete The Complete Training Foundation Course before moving onto any of the other courses. This course puts a strong foundation in place for you and your horse to be successful with Connection Training! 


targetThe Complete Training Foundation
33 Video Lessons | 07:01:38
Learn how to get started successfully with Connection Training. By the end, your horse will be totally focused and love working with you. You will learn how to adapt and tailor the training to YOUR horse so that you have motivation and relaxation in perfect balance.
This course gives you a secure and solid foundation before you move onto the other courses.
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targetThe Complete Training Foundation BUNDLE
Save with this bundle! You get:

> Complete Training Foundation Home Study Course
> Paperback Book – “You Can Train Your Horse to Do Anything!” By Shawna Karrasch
> A Free Clicker!
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frecks-trotRiding With Connection
55 Video Lessons | 12:54:09
Riding with Connection is all about bringing physical and emotional balance to your horse. As you teach your horse to become more supple and balanced, he will become a joy to ride (you’ll even get rid of problems such as rushing, planting and napping!). The best thing is that both of you will love your ridden sessions and build a great partnership under saddle!
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loadingLoading and Traveling
27 Video Lessons | 06:06:38

You can teach your horse to LOVE loading! Make the trailer a great place to be. The next step (just as important) is to teach your horse to be relaxed about being closed in, traveling to new places and loading to come home. This courses covers it all.
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tarpCool, Calm and Connected – De-Spooking For Life
45 Video Lessons | 08:25:34
This course teaches you how to de-spook your horse step by step. You will learn how to get your horse calm, confident and curious on the ground and in the saddle, in the arena and out at shows and on the trail. Stop those spooks once and for all!
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feetDaily Handling
40 Video Lessons | 08:15:22

Ensure every day with your horse is easy and relaxed for both of you. Take the stress out of leading, standing tied, tacking up, farrier visits and more. Perfect for young horses and problem solving!
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injections2Healthcare Procedures
36 Video Lessons | 07:01:53

Vet visits, wound care and general healthcare procedures can be a nightmare for many horses and their owners. Teach your horse to co-operate with injections, worming, wound care, bathing and more so you can take full care of your horse’s well-being.
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handling-and-healthcareHandling and Healthcare Package
68 Video Lessons | 13:01:08
There is a lot of theory overlap and common practices in the Daily Handling and Healthcare Procedures courses, so this one gives you access to both courses with big savings!

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freejumpLunging, Long-Reining and A-B’s Freejumping
20 Video Lessons | 05:38:48
Lunging, long-reining and freejumping have many benefits; non-riding exercise, preparation for riding or driving, teaching movement and body awareness and building relaxation and motivation. They are also fun to teach and practice – the possibilities are endless!
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backingBacking Your Horse
35 Video Lessons | 08:00:07
Backing your horse at home is easy once you know the steps. This course takes you through every step from introducing tack to mounting for the first time to teaching walking, halt and turn. It is calm, relaxed and clear every step of the way. This course is ideal for backing youngsters for the first time or re-backing ‘problem’ horses.
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seamus-fly-spray2Training Techniques
42 Video Lessons | 11:41:36
3 Audio Lessons | 01:26:43
Want to understand the science behind Connection Training and learn loads of practical techniques for a whole wide range of situations? This is the course for you! Give your training a boost and never get stumped again!
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Riding with Connection Conference 2016 Lectures
12 Video Lessons | 04:46:10

PLUS over 4.5 hours of extra footage from the lessons and demonstrations!
This course gives you access to all the lectures from our Riding with Connection Conference 2016. Covering everything from problem-solving and building confidence in both you and your horse to teaching healthy and beautiful movement and improving performance, you’ll get loads of tips and ideas on how to make your riding more rewarding for both of you!
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