Getting Off to the Right Start with Positive Reinforcement – Spotlight on the Foundation Course

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The way you introduce positive reinforcement training to your horse can make a huge difference on how successful it is. The early lessons set the tone of the training – does your horse associate reward based training with feeling excited, anxious, frustrated or relaxed?

Our Foundation Course covers the early behaviours you’ll teach your horse and, more importantly, how you can adapt the training to help your horse feel relaxed, engaged, confident and polite.

This emphasis on relaxation is one of the cornerstones of Connection Training, right from the very first session. In fact, even before that – the way we manage horses and set up the training sessions are all designed to help horses feel relaxed, confident and at ease. Our Foundation Course is centred on teaching your horse to be a great problem-solver and enjoy the process, while feeling relaxed, confident and connected to you. We build everything onto this base of relaxation.

Or perhaps you’ve already started out with positive reinforcement but feel you’re missing that relaxation, softness and connection you wanted? Don’t worry – we’ve all been there! Many of our students come to Connection Training when they’ve found that reward-based training has certainly brought enthusiasm and excitement to their horse, but maybe a little too much! If your horse is struggling with over-arousal, our Foundation Course will help you to bring back the emotional balance and ensure that your horse is soft, polite, calm and relaxed in training, too.

We have a whole module in our Foundation Course on finding the balance between relaxation and motivation with loads of case studies and practical techniques to help your horse find the emotional balance so you both enjoy your time together and can really progress in your training.

The integration of training and emotions is based on affective neuroscience – the science of emotions, particularly the work of Jaak Panksepp, who mapped the emotional brain structures in mammals. His work is a brilliantly clear way to understand why emotions are at the root of all behaviour and connection with your horse.

Check out this video of Rachel’s about the SEEKING system in horses:

(You can watch all the videos in this series here:

The key to a strong foundation is understanding how to connect with YOUR horse. Obviously, every horse is different and you’ll need a different approach for a horse who is anxious of people than one who is bargey and pushy. This course explains, from an equine learning perspective, why different approaches work in different situations and you get to see a large range of horses and humans learning these lessons so you get a deep and practical understanding of how it all works.

And that’s really key for us – in all our courses you see a range of horses and their humans at different stages in the learning process. This is real-time learning where it’s often a little messier in real life than it sounds on paper and unexpected things crop up and different horses react in different ways. We want to give you the knowledge and tools to be able to train your horse to do anything you wish and this broad perspective is vital to help you be successful.
By the end of this course, your horse will:

> Be totally focused on you
> Have relaxation and motivation in perfect balance
> Be calm and polite around you and food
> Know how to actively learn in this way – you’ll never have to ‘get after’ your horse again
> Love the time you spend together
> Have a totally secure and solid foundation to build on

This course will give you a complete foundation to be able to move on and train your horse anything you like, whether it’s to improve performance or fun and effective problem-solving. It all starts here…

Welcome to the Foundation Course

📣 📣 Spotlight on the Foundation CourseHow can you set your horse up for success and make the training more fun? By using the target, you will create more clarity for your horse and help them relax. But most of all, you will build a great relationship and their trust in you.This course will give you a complete foundation to be able to move on and train your horse anything you like, whether it’s to improve performance or fun and effective problem-solving. It all starts here…

Posted by Connection Training on Sunday, December 3, 2017

After you’ve worked through this course, you will be able to tailor the training to your horse. Both you and your horse will start to look forward to your training together. Because of the emphasis on your horse’s emotions, your connection will flourish and trust will grow. You will learn about body language, the science behind learning, when to progress, impulse control and a lot more!

If you are interested in our course, you should know that we are working really hard to make sure you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. So, If you’re not satisfied, just email us within 30 days of purchase and we’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

For more info and to get started now, go to: The Complete Training Foundation Home Study Course

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“Hi Connection Training, I had to email you to let you know I am on SUCH A HIGH!!! I have had such amazing training sessions with Bea recently, she has been so willing, eager, amazing, kind, light, responsive……..the list just goes on with lovely words! I was just soooooo amazed, this is such a huge change in her, I feel quite emotional about it. I also feel very privileged she is working so willingly with me at the moment. Thank you!” – Dawn Emmerson | UK

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