Can I REALLY Learn it Online??


You know, we asked ourselves this question when we first started out. We weren’t sure, but were certainly keen to test it out. After hundreds of successful students from all over the world have made incredible changes with their horses at a distance, we can safely say YES!


What is ‘Connection Training’?

When the 3 of us were searching for a name for what we do, we kept coming back to the fact that we prioritise ‘connection’ between horse and handler above all things.

Having a great connection means that you and your horse are both constantly communicating. You are responsive to each other and working together. Both of you are willing partners enjoying your time together.

For us, all great training and results stem from this partnership. In our training, we focus on creating positive emotions in both horse and human, fostering joy, relaxation, bonding, confidence and fun.

How Does it Work?
The core of Connection Training is our Home Study Courses. These are online courses which focus on a specific area of horse training and take you through it progressively as you and your horse build your skills together. They are mostly made up of training videos featuring Hannah, Shawna and Rachel teaching their own horses and coaching students with their horses.

These videos show real horses and people learning these lessons and we don’t believe in only showing the glamorous sessions where everything works – life isn’t like that and we want to give you the tools to train your horse no matter what he throws at you! Instead, we cover what to do if it all goes wrong, how to deal with the most common problems in each case and teach you the principles of how you can tailor the training to your horse.

Since we’re online you can join us from anywhere in the world – we have members from all over the globe!

What Will I Learn?
Connection Training is not a formula. Since every horse is different, we teach you how to adapt the CT principles to help your horse be the most relaxed, enthusiastic and willing horse he can be.

Since we show a wide range of horses in each Course, you’ll learn how different horses react and how to train that type. Some are slow to get it and easily distracted. Others are busy of brain and body and rush through everything. Others have fear or tension which they bring to the sessions. And some make it look easy. Hopefully your horse is in the last category, but if not, you’ll be armed with a huge range of tools in every aspect of the training to make it successful.

These principles are fully based in science. We teach you up-to-date science of learning and emotions and how that applies to horses, both in their training and your relationship together.

Though based on science, CT is firmly practical. We have all trained horses to high levels ourselves, including working with rescues, ‘dangerous’ horses and young horses. We also all have years of experience teaching others. We want you to know the science and techniques so you can overcome problems and achieve your dreams with your horse. We give you the what, why and how of positive horse training.

Our Complete Training Foundation Course is the building blocks of everything. It is here that you will learn about the emotional component of horse training and how to adapt the training to your specific horse. You must complete this Course before moving onto the others!

Once your Foundation is strong, you can take the training wherever you like. Our other Courses are pick-n-mix and teach you progressively in a certain area of horse training. Choose the ones you and your horse need most:

Loading and Traveling
Backing Your Horse (Starting your horse under saddle)
Cool, Calm and Connected – Despooking for Life
Riding with Connection
Daily Handling
Healthcare Procedures
Lunging, Long-reining and Freejumping
Training Techniques

You will have access to the Courses indefinitely. It does not expire and you can re-watch as much as you like. When you purchase a course, you’ll create an account login that will allow you to immediately access all of the material within that course. You will be able to watch these streaming on your computer or mobile device.

Through your account, you will be able to keep track of your progress through all of the courses you have purchased.

What if I Get Stuck? I Like to Have Support!

Honestly? You probably will get stuck at some point! Good horse training is a complex skill to learn and horses throw up all sorts of unexpected behaviours along the way.

Luckily, we’re here to help you!!! When you buy ANY Home Study Course, you automatically get lifetime Connected Membership. This gives you a huge range of ways to get advice, support and share your successes.

Through Connected Membership, you can access Shawna, Hannah and Rachel directly, as well as our supportive and friendly community. We’re very proud of our global online community, which is genuinely welcoming, open-minded and supportive. No matter your horsey background, if you join CT, you will be met by a group of people who are positive with people as well as with horses.

Here’s what you get as a Connected Member:


Access to an exclusive members forum. Get answers to your questions and join in the discussions!

Live Q&A’s

Free access to monthly live online Q&A’s with Shawna, Hannah and Rachel plus guest lecturers. You can download all the recordings, too.

Video Library

Watch over 30 extra videos not included in Home Study Courses including training tutorials, interviews, presentations, material from guest lecturers and more!

Inside Track

Blog for members-only – extra training info and get behind-the-scenes with Shawna, Hannah and Rachel.

Training Journal

Your own online Training Journal to log your progress and get comments, suggestions and lots of encouragement from the Team and fellow members!

And more…!

To find out more about what it’s like to be part of the CT community, watch this video with Shawna:

Can I REALLY Learn it Online??

Hmm, still not convinced? Well, here are some stories from our members who have only ever learned from us online:


If they can, you can too! And if you want even more stories, just click here 🙂

What if I buy and then find out it’s not for me after all?
We believe strongly in the superb quality of Connection Training to give you the knowledge and tools to substantially improve the behaviour of any horse you work with in a positive and humane way. We have poured our hearts and souls (and years of knowledge and experience!) into creating a complete resource for learning these techniques.

We confidently back this with a 30-day, money back guarantee. We want you to dive in deep and experience the full wealth of this resource without hesitation. We’re really working hard to make sure you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. We hope you’ll agree!

However, if you’re not satisfied, just email us within 30 days of purchase and we’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

I’d LOVE to, but the Courses are a bit expensive for me right now…?

We truly believe that our Courses are GREAT value for money. You get 3 international experts in positive horse training showing you step-by-step how to train your horse AND personally supporting you on your exciting equine journey.

BUT, you are in luck and it’s just the time to grab a bargain… Our Summer Sale is on NOW. This gives you a whopping 25% off Home Study Courses for this weekend only.
Offer ends Midnight on Monday 29th so get a gallop on. Gee up. Tally Ho!

Click HERE to Browse and Buy NOW.

See you on the Inside….

Shawna, Hannah and Rachel

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