Charmaine Cacciola | Australia

Hi to all,

I just wanted to tell you all,  how much I love your website and methods.
I came across your website, from Jane Savoie’s dressage mentor. I have been riding and training my own horses for 33 years now.  I now have a life love of classical dressage, I started working my young  sport horse 6 1/2 years ago.
 I have spent this time re-training my body and riding to Jane Savoie’s teachings(I have almost everything Jane has on offer, she is a Master), my beautiful boy and I are excelling in every way, I don’t compete though.
Any way,  my young man likes to bite and I have tried everything and still I couldn’t find his solution.
 Until I watched a video of Jane and Moshi doing clicker training and she recomends your website in her video.
It has been a couple of weeks of watching all of your videos in the mini course and applying your techniques and thinking to my own horses.
WOW,  it is an amazing transformation in both my young and my re tired mare.
Both on the ground and under saddle, I can’t tell you how much this has changed our lives,  it is absolutely a magical feeling with my horses.
 I can not wait till my products arrive, Im so happy and most importantly my young horse is so happy with in him self. He is neighing as soon as I walk in the gate and wanting to explore this new connection we have.
Thank – you

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