Liz Hayden | UK

I was lucky enough to attend Hannah’s course in Cortijo de Segura as well. I learned to slow down and recognise that I need to explain the small steps to the horse. It was really useful learning how Hannah puts together a whole training session with mini breaks in it.
It was fascinating to observe how the horses came in with such different moods in different sessions, and that helped me to be much more understanding of my horse being different on different days, and to realise that it is not always me that creates that. But that no matter how the session starts, we always achieved some real learning (both horse and handler!).
I came home with so much more confidence to work with my rather tricky mare.
In addition to the learning and the lovely horses, what a fabulous place to spend a few days, a beautiful area up in the mountains surrounded by olive groves, fantastic company, fantastic food, and sunshine. What a treat.
Thank you to everyone who has made these courses possible.

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