Cantering on the Beach?? I Want to do That!

If you’re anything like us, cantering on the beach with your horse is a big dream.

If you’re anything like us, you will also have experienced at least some of the following at some point in your horsey life:
> Fighting a horse who wants to gallop when you don’t
> Struggling with a horse who panics in new environments
> Feeling anxious about riding in an open space, especially in canter
> Worrying your horse won’t travel well or load easily to come home.

Who wants those things? No-one of course! This is our (Rachel and I) story of making our ‘cantering on the beach’ dream come true…

At Connection Training, it’s all about the, errm, connection. That’s the connection between you and your horse and means:
> Your horse travels calmly, unloads calmly and tunes into you as soon as you arrive (or at least that you have the tools to help him tune in pretty quickly)
> In new environments, you both know how to stay confident and listening to each other
> You have a great partnership under saddle as well, meaning that your horse is balanced, responsive and is just as happy to canter calmly as he is to walk gently.
> You have expanded both your horse’s and your own comfort zones steadily and surely so that neither of you go over threshold.


None of this is rocket science. It’s the result of sensitive, progressive training. As you focus on putting your relationship first and building the right emotions together, the ‘stuff’ begins to fall into place. We’re not saying it’s a quick fix, but it’s a true fix that will last.

Watch the video to hear how Rachel and I achieved this dream of ours and enjoy ‘joining’ us as our fabulous horses play at liberty in the sea, roll in the sand and, yes, canter calmly by the waves.

Watch our video now to see for yourself…

The how-to of all these steps are shown across a range of our Home Study Courses:

Go to The Complete Training Foundation course to learn how to use reward based training with your horse effectively, focusing on creating relaxation, responsiveness and joy in your time together.

Go to Loading and Travelling to find out how to teach your horse to load willingly AND travel calmly AND unload gently in new environments AND load easily again when it’s time to go home.

Go to Cool, Calm and Connected – Despooking for Life to find out more about how to teach your horse to be confident and tuned into you in the face of the unexpected, whether at home or out and about.

Go to Riding with Connection to learn how to connect with your horse under saddle and teach him to be soft, supple, balanced and responsive.

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