Camilla Dindorp | Denmark

I’m an experienced clicker trainer but not an experienced horse trainer. I’ve been clicker training dogs for years and when I bought my first horse last August I knew that this was also the way I wanted to train my horse. But being new to horse training I needed inspiration and guidance in terms of what are appropriate behaviours to teach a horse and where do you start?
Luckily I found Connection Training, which has provided tons of inspiration and great ideas for me! Whenever I’ve reached a dead end in my training I’ve logged on to Connection Training and a few minutes later, I’ve got a new plan for how to continue my training.
Also the forum provides such great inspiration, and is full of helpful people. Sometimes you can feel a little alone in the “clicker horse training world” but the forum helps reassure you that you are not alone:) I Simply love what you guys do, and I’m looking forward to what’s next!

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