Jodie Foreman | USA

This method is wonderful. In one month my new horse (Bob) has learned all these at liberty:
- Stop and freeze on “Woah”. 
- Back up with a hand signal. 
- Disengage the rear. 
- Shadowing me at the walk, gait and canter. 
- Standing and walking holding his head down. 
- Grazing with permission (head down or up with verbal cues over grass). 
- Send from target to target. 
- Side up to me for mounting from a mounting block or fence. 
- Stand on the tarp. 
- Neck flexing.His saddle arrived a few days ago, so now he knows: 
- Walk sideways along the fence. 
- Touch his own ribs (for bitless one rein stop). 
- Walking with head down. 
- Grazing with permission on the trail.We’re both loving it. So happy!

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