Helen Gilbertson | UK

I just wanted to tell you this story about my mare, Gertie. She came in from the field with a bad injury on her leg. When the vet arrived to see to it, she would NOT stand still – kept fidgeting and pawing, no matter how much sedation they gave her. She was just getting increasingly wound up. I finally insisted that we try to clicker train her through the process instead. I began to bridge and reinforce her whenever her foot was on the floor and she was standing still. Slowly the vet started to approach and build up to treating the wound. Gertie then stood like a rock throughout. The vet was amazed and now thinks clicker training is the best tool for gaining co-operation from horses for vet treatment!
Of course, it was all the preparatory work I had done with Gertie which helped her be able to stand calmly through this process so thank you, guys!
I am using the techniques to change her dressings and tend to her wound in between vet visits and it is easy and quick – without this I would have been dreading it every day! Her wound is healing well, thanks to being able to care for it properly.
Anyway, just thought you’d like to hear that success story and thank you!!

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