What is Gymnastic Groundwork for Body and Mind? Healthy Movement, Happy Horse 🐎

If you’re looking for a clear, gentle and fun way to help your horse become sounder, straighter, more supple and balanced, this is for you.

Gymnastic Groundwork helps your horse in these ways:

#1 Stretch, Strengthen and Straighten

#2 Improve Body Awareness and Proprioception

#3 To solve problems like rushing, resistance, stiffness, one-sidedness, heaviness and over-excitable in trot and canter

#4 To prepare horses physically and mentally for riding

#5 To bring emotional enjoyment through training using positive reinforcement or clicker training so the horse is relaxed, motivated and keen.

#6 To help EVERY horse become sounder and find joy in movement. Whether they’re young, old, small, large, ridden or non-ridden, we look for improvements rather than a specific end goal or discipline.

If you’ve never done this work before or wondered what is is or why it’s a cornerstone of so many people’s training approach, this video is for you!

So, grab a cuppa and find out how exercises like in-hand work, lateral movements, pole exercises and lunging can be taught simply, gently and positively, drastically improving your horse’s movement and your communication together.

Lockdown Study Groups

This is a tough time for everyone and we hope you’re doing ok. While we’re all on box/stall rest, we wanted to help provide some enrichment for you, so we’re really excited to be running these 8-week Study Groups:

Gymnastic Groundwork: Understanding and Assessing Equine Movement with Hannah.
It runs online April 4th – May 29th and is available freely to all CT Club Members. Check out the Gymnastic Groundwork Study Group Schedule Here!

The CT Foundations: Equine Emotions and Learning and Getting Started with Clicker Training with Rachel. Again, it runs online April 4th – May 29th and is available freely to all CT Club Members. Check out the Foundation Study Group Schedule Here!

We look forward to diving into these topics with you!


➤ WANT TO LEARN MORE? In the CT Club, you can find a full step-by-step progressive programme for all of these areas and exercises – never be at a loss with your horse again! The CT Club is our online membership site with hundreds of video tutorials and support through our forum, Q&A, Training Journals and more! Check it out and sign up here.We look forward to seeing you there 🙂

➤ You can also find out more in the #1 bestselling Connection Training BOOK 📖 Get it on Amazon (search for ‘Connection Training’) or download Chapter 1 free here for a preview 👀

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