Understanding Choice, Communication and Having a Conversation with Your Horse

What does it look like when your horse says, “no”? Do you then stop that activity completely? What does it mean to ‘have a conversation’ with your horse?

This video shows a simple exercise with a lot going on! Sophie is working with her horse, Lily, clicker training her on a new water obstacle that Lily finds a bit scary. With Sophie, I look at different techniques to help Lily relax and want to stay engaged with the exercise. 

We look at how:

– asking for less can actually get you more.

– you can stay in communication with your horse through difficult moments

– it’s not a case of either stopping or pushing, but a different place in between

– prioritising the relationship rather than the goal builds your trust, confidence and joy, leaving you both feeling better after your session and setting you up for success next time!

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1 thought on “Understanding Choice, Communication and Having a Conversation with Your Horse”

  1. Great video I have a horse who has separation anxiety I have try do many different ways including Ricky always the same

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