Susan Baker | UK

I started Connection Training when I first bought Charlie because he was a little bit bargy around food. Well, from watching Shawna’s video with Mint, I was so totally inspired, I bought a clicker the next day – I had never heard of clicker training before then and within a week Charlie was walking backward and looking away when I fed him. From there we have never looked back! I have used it as a training tool mainly and the most amazing breakthrough I had was when I COULDN’T STOP my LAZY pony from cantering on the lunge. He was so lazy I used to have chase him with a plastic bag attached to the lunge whip! One day I said enough, I made him canter with the whip, clicked as soon as he did, he stopped dead, came in for his treat and before he was back out on the circle he was cantering. For the next week I was saying, “No, don’t canter, Charlie.” I couldn’t believe it!
I love clicker training and Connection Training has helped me get there!

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