Claire Waldron | Spain

I rescued Segura in December 2012, she was a very frightened, underweight 5 year old who had only known rough handling due to ignorance, she tried to sit down when I asked to pick up her feet and go into flight mode at the slightest thing. I bought Shawna’s book “You can train you’re horse to do anything!” and watched some of her You Tube videos to get me started.It was clear in the first month that this was the way to go, but where and how ???
We were very lucky that Hannah, Rachel & Shawna launched Connection Training, I joined and it is the best money I have ever spent on my horsey education 🙂
Our progress has been amazing, we are in Spain so having an “in person” lesson isn’t possible, the coaching sessions, video lessons, Q&A’s, study groups, and videos have been invaluable to us.
Within 6 weeks of starting Connection Training, Segura was relaxed enough to lie down next to me on the ground – something which I had only ever dreamt about. As we worked more dreams turned into reality, Segura now lines up at the mounting block happily and I can get on either with the saddle or scramble on bareback. She is brilliant with her feet and very confident with strange objects in fact she HAS to go and investigate what something is now as opposed to flying round in circles.
I could write pages about our progress and the positive changes in our relationship, I have learnt so much and will carry on doing so, it is possible to learn via the internet and I encourage anyone to join Connection Training and the world of positive reinforcement, Hannah, Shawna & Rachel have so much to offer and other members are very supportive and encouraging too. All in all a very positive experience thank you with love from Claire & Segura x

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