Success In Your Comfort Zone!

Ever been frightened when riding and been told “Don’t be silly. You’ve got to leave your comfort zone if you want to improve!”

I take a sideways look at this mantra and shows that, when it comes to horses, it’s plain wrong (although I use a ruder word than that!).

I’ll explain why in this short extract from the Connection Training Conference last year.

To see this in action, watch one of my lessons in the last blog I did ….

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3 thoughts on “Success In Your Comfort Zone!”

  1. Awesome I love this!!! Truth about falling off and getting back in the saddle no matter what. Wish I would have know this earlier in my life. Been riding horses since I was 8 yrs old. Father was my teacher. Had pony that loved to brush me off. So many bad wrecks. Lots of injuries. But I still love horses. Need this to increase my confidence and the connection /partnership with my horse. I love Shawna’s book! Want to be safe I don’t bounce like I used to.

    1. Rachel Bedingfield

      I’m with you all the way there. I’ve had enough bad falls and I want to enjoy my riding, not dismount thinking “Phew! Got away with it again!”

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