Lynne Hockney | UK

Connection training has transformed my life with horses after 30+ years of ownership. I had always been searching for a way to train and enjoy time with my horse that felt right. Most methods are too formulaic and I never felt confident that I could “go it alone”.
Hannah’s methods are a breath of fresh air. The focus is on your connection with the horse and that is what I have been searching for all this time! Once you get that then trust builds and suddenly all things seem possible.
I have had minimal help in backing my home bred gelding but with clicker training and Hannah’s guidance I have gained huge confidence in our abilities (mine and Beau’s) to work through things together. We go at our own pace and we listen to each other and react to feedback. This is so much healthier than blindly following a method set out in stone to apply to all horses. The pressure is off and we are enjoying our time together and that is the single most important factor for me.
Thank you Hannah and Connection Training!

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