PODCAST: Come Along for the Ride with Hannah and Rachel

Rachel and I loved our interview with Tracy Malone, of Come Along for the Ride podcast. She’s a thoughtful and passionate horse person, bringing together great ideas and experiences for us all to improve the welfare of our horses and our time together.

In our interview, we dove into the importance of understanding equine emotions in relation to learning and training, as well as our own journeys to get to where we are today. They are very much intertwined as mother and daughter as well as business partners and we ended up circling back to Toby all the time as he’s been such a journey horse for both of us. He led us to natural horsemanship, positive reinforcement, natural horse keeping, equine touch, tai chi for riders, confidence building, understanding healthy biomechanics… WHAT a pony 😍!

Anyway, I digress… Have a listen if you want to know more about our journey and check out all the other episodes, too – there are brilliant interviews on there with fascinating horse people doing great work around the world.
If you want to know more about Hannah’s journey with the wonderful Toby, click here: Problems to Performance; Toby’s Story 

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3 thoughts on “PODCAST: Come Along for the Ride with Hannah and Rachel”

  1. Really enjoyed this podcast! But I couldn’t find the podcast notes with info about some of the people you mentioned… specifically interested in the woman researching the calming signals… does she have a book? Thanks in advance!!

    1. Connection Training

      Hi Andrea, sorry about that. The link had changed, but it’s been updated now and should work for you. Thanks for letting us know!

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