Freejumping to Targets – How to do A-B’s with Just One Person

So, this week’s blog is for all of you who are wanting to do some freejumping with your horse but are working on your own.

Maybe you’ve seen Shawna Karrasch’s videos of her wonderful A-B’s and thought, “I want that! But I just don’t have anyone who can work with me to train it.”

As usual, we have some training solutions and ideas for you, and I just love this one! It’s fun, brilliantly trained and both horse and human are having a great time 🙂 Enjoy!

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NOTE: As you may have noticed, this is part 2 of the video. I put up part 1 a couple of years ago on my old channel where you can see some of the training that went into it before it was a polished piece.
And, no, it didn’t take them 2 years to train it – it just took me 2 years to get round to getting a blog on it (though in my defence, I have done rather a lot of other stuff in those 2 years such as building Connection Training!).

Anyway, here is part 1 from my old youtube channel:

Still want more? Well, you can see the whole process, with every tiny training step, in our Lunging, Long-Reining and A-B’s Freejumping Home Study Course!

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2 thoughts on “Freejumping to Targets – How to do A-B’s with Just One Person”

  1. I live in a remote region of Australia and my internet connection is by satellite which is very slow to download video. I am interested in your courses.Are any of them available in DVD form as utube is not possible.Kind regards

    1. Hi Angela, I have messaged Hannah to see what we can do for you 🙂

      Lovely to have you with us all the way from Australia, we’ll be in touch soon


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