Can’t Catch Your Horse?

This video shows how Helen used Connection Training to change her pony, Charlie, from running away from people in the field to coming to call!

There are lots of reasons why horses might not like to be caught from disliking what happens next to separation anxiety to a bad history with catching. Charlie arrived to Helen with this problem so we’ll never know what triggered it for him, but the key is to change those emotional associations with someone in the field from avoidance to pleasure, joy and relaxation. This is how we did it…

As always, it’s all about the relationship and connection – if you want more to see the full step-by-step videos of Charlie’s training plus how to make loads more everyday tasks easy, check out our Daily Handling Home Study Course in the CT Club.

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1 thought on “Can’t Catch Your Horse?”

  1. I’m a 501c3 rescue in Northern California so I am confronted with various issues with having horses coming in from kill lots all the time. I’m looking forward to using your using your expertise in resolving many of these problems!

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