10 Ways to Connect with Your Horse: Podcast

The quality of the relationship you have with your horse is important to you. I know because I feel the same and I’ve dedicated my career to finding the best ways to connect with horses.

‘Connection’, ‘relationship’, ‘bond’ etc are all words that are thrown around a lot in the horse world, and are often surrounded by a lot of mystique (add ‘feel’ in there, too!).

To me, connection is about you and your horse wanting to spend time together, both feeling confident that you’ll be listened to by the other (trust) and that you can do things together (hanging out with your horse is important, but I bet you want to do things as well!).

Which is all great, but how does that translate into what you actually DO with your horse?? 

As a pragmatic and practical person, it’s my mission to make positive horse training clear…

I recently joined the lovely Glenys on the Horse Chats podcast again, this time discussing 10 (practical!) ways you can connect with your horse. These are small things you can start today. Some will be new and others will be reminders, but the best horsey sessions and moments are always when you’re connected, so check it out for a little inspiration 🙂 

You can listen in here on Episode 558:

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>> ‘Watch’ it below (it’s audio only, though!)

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While you’re there, do check out the other fantastic episodes on Horse Chats. Glenys interviews professionals from all walks of horsey life and there’s a fantastic mix of information and insights there. My first Horse Chats interview is also up there if you missed it – Episode 502 – where I discuss what Connection Training is all about and my own training journey and philosophy.

If you’d prefer to read about it, we also have a free e-book available on 10 Ways to Connect with Your Horse. You can get that HERE 🙂

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