P1 What is Targeting? And why is it so USEFUL?

P1 Targeting! I use targeting ALL. THE. TIME. It’s one of the most useful behaviours you can train your horse for leading, loading, de-spooking, lunging, groundwork and riding.

But what is it? Well, basically, it’s teaching your horse to touch an object with her nose when you ask. But, there are 3 different types of nose targeting and each has different benefits.

This video gives you a full introduction to targeting so you can learn:
– exactly what targeting is
– the 3 different types of nose targeting
– what you can use as a target
– the importance of creating positive emotions around targeting


This is the first in a targeting video series. The rest of the videos will cover exactly how you can use the different types of targeting to train other behaviours such as leading, lunging, problem-solving and riding:
P2 Why Teach Your Horse to Touch a Target? De-Spooking, Rein-Back, Loading and More…

P3 Why teach your horse to FOLLOW a target?? Lunging, lateral work, stretch down and more…

P4 Why use STATIONARY targets? Riding, loading, jumping and more…



Any questions or comments, let me know below!


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2 thoughts on “P1 What is Targeting? And why is it so USEFUL?”

    1. Well, there’re step-by-step videos in the CT Club on introducing it and then using it for all these behaviours, but it’s usually pretty easy to get started with it – just hold your target out to your horse. Since they’re naturally inquisitive, they will generally sniff and explore it – you can mark and reward this behaviour. Within a few repetitions, they begin to understand that touching the target gets them the reward. Just make sure it’s a deliberate yet calm touch – you don’t want bashing, biting or pushing it. Hope that helps!

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