How to Teach Your Horse to Stand Still and Relax at the Mounting Block

Do you want a rock-solid safe riding horse? Well the process of creating that includes lots of work at the mounting block. This is the bridge between you on the ground and you in the saddle. Many horses are confident with their human on the ground, but lose contact and disconnect when the human becomes a rider.

The key to creating a safe riding horse, and one who actually wants to go for a ride, is relaxation. You need to look out for the tiniest signs of tension as you go through the process  of training her to stand to be mounted. This can be a long process but it’s one you can do with your own horse at home.

It’s Rachel here, working with CT Coach Claire Waldron and Leo – one of our rehab horses at Positive Horse Training, Spain.

Leo has a history of moving off at the mounting block as soon as her rider touched the stirrup. We are in the process of re-starting her and, in this film, you’ll see how much time we take at the mounting block to ensure she is relaxed and truly happy to be mounted.

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We are passionate about you starting or re-starting your own horse at home. It is the best way to create the connection you need for enjoyable and safe riding.

And it really is do-able, we promise! No drama, no “let them buck it out”, just relaxed, connected and progressive steps that you both enjoy.

You finish with a horse who thinks being ridden is just another great rewarding game. Your ridden connection makes riding safe and fun.

Our Step-by-Step online Course on Starting Your Horse under Saddle features real life examples of horses going through the starting process, from tacking up to walk, halt, rein back and steering.

It’s just one Course in a full range of online home-study Courses, designed to help you to create your happy, easy to work with partner. Check it out here.

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2 thoughts on “How to Teach Your Horse to Stand Still and Relax at the Mounting Block”

  1. Patricia Antolik

    Please share with me your philosophy on giving so many treats by hand to the horses. So many people are opposed to this because they say it makes them “mouthy”.
    Thank you,
    Patty Antolik

    1. Hi Patty, good question! hand-feeding can certainly make horses mouthy if it’s not done correctly. The first behaviour we teach is that the horse stands calmly and politely next to the treats without pushing, mugging or grabbing to ensure that they are relaxed, calm and safe when working with food. Food is such a powerful reward and motivator for horses that it’s a really useful tool to have, but it does need to be taught with these initial lessons to ensure the horse is calm, polite and soft when working with treats. You can see more on how I introduce them to Connection Training and food rewards with the emphasis on relaxation and manners in this video:
      Hope that helps!

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