Loading Preparation and Simulation Exercises (Before you even get to the trailer!)

Help your horse to overcome loading fear using these simulation exercises. They are perfect for breaking loading down into smaller steps for your horse so that you can keep the training calm and positive. You don’t even need a trailer or horsebox to do them.

At Connection Training, our focus is always on keeping the horse relaxed and enjoying the training time together. But how do you do that when you’re working on something your horse finds scary or challenging?

This video will show you how to work at your horse’s pace, so that it’s fun for both of you every step of the way, while also moving forward and making progress together.

The main horse in this video is JD (trained by CT Club member, Eiddwen), who used to panic about being closed inside. You can see how these exercises taught him that the ramps closing was nothing to worry about and transferred straight to the trailer.

Our step-by-step approach works to introduce horses to travelling in a positive way right from the start, as well as helping fearful horses learn that travelling is relaxing and fun. No rearing, running backwards or panicking – just calm, systematic, positive training.

You can see these sessions in full, along with hundreds of other video tutorials in the Connection Training Club. I’d love for you to join our friendly, supportive and fun global community and learn more about how to use CT in a practical way with your horse. Head over here to find out more. See you there!

You can also find out more in our book, which includes a whole chapter on loading and travelling, both the theory behind why so many horses struggle with it and practical tips to help your horse become a confident traveller. 

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