Liberty Loading Fun

I love working with all the different characters in my herd and making their training as fun as possible. This compilation shows me working on liberty loading with my horses, building their joy and confidence around the horse box.

It’s fun to get creative like this but finding the fun in your training (for both of you!) is a great way to get results. At Connection Training, we prioritise how the horse feels as their emotions directly influence their behaviour. A horse who is scared of the trailer will be tricky to load; a horse who feels calm and confident in the horse box will be an easy loader.

As you can see, we’ve built up some pretty strong feel-good emotions around the horse box for my herd – so much so, that they’d rather stay in there, please! This leads to horses who are calm and happy to travel and stand on the box, and mine are always keen to load when I get the horse box out, ready to go somewhere. Enjoy!

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