Elaine Hemingway | UK

I cannot believe that today I sat on Ace for the very first time. It was all very calm and relaxed and wonderful. I actually sat there on his back with tears running down my face. The first few times I got on, clicked, got straight off again and gave him a treat. I then started to click and treat him from the saddle, and stayed on his back for longer periods. He was so happy with this!I do not intend doing ridden work for at least another year, as he is only three years old. His riding from the ground is coming along nicely though.
The connection I felt with him today was overwhelming and very very emotional.
Connection training has made everything so straight forward for us. I never thought we would get to this point so quickly and calmly.
Ace actually asks me to put his saddle on now. When I put it on the fence he goes to stand beside it and waits til I put it on him. He even walks away from his hay net to do so!

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