Clare Monson | UK

Your help and advice has been priceless to myself and Tonto. In five weeks we’ve gone from a 2 year old colt who’s been wild until his previous owner ran him into a stable forced a head collar on his head and drove him 7 hours (unknown) down to me, he was a stud clearance and faced meat man or me. I spent the next week with him snorting and stamping at me from the far side of a field.
But following your advice and videos, we now find ourselves 4 weeks further on with him calling when he sees me, following and stopping at liberty, backing up on command, learning to stay, leading on a head collar gladly, walking on the road, seeing all manner of objects which are an opportunity for click and treat rather than opportunity to go berserk and leap about, and now letting me rub all over him even around bum and legs and letting me put a rug on him, AMAZING!
We’ve built the most beautiful bond thanks to your advice and your videos. I’ll never thank you enough! You’ve helped myself be a better human and Tonto (not be a better horse as he was fine all along) but you’ve helped me show him we aren’t all bad 🙂
I am telling everyone about your site and hoping it makes a lot of better horse people for it!

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