Barbara Dreyer | UK

I have used clicker training with exotic animals before for a few years (being a zoo keeper), but have never had to start my own pony before. I knew I wanted to work with my pony in a non invasive method and knew I wanted to use clicker training but had no idea how to go about it. It was by pure luck I ended up talking to Rachel Bedingfield about rhino training and that brought me on to Hannah and Shawna as well. I attended a demo with all of them a few months later and after that I was completely sold. I knew this was the way for me.
I brought home a completely untouched pony, she was rude, mugging and had never had any rules before. I have been doing the online courses with connection training now for 2 months and I am ecstatic. My little pony is super clever, a quick learner and I have to constantly find new things for her to learn as she is so fast. She is no longer pushing through me, mugging me or rude. I am constantly being told by my trimmer, yard owner, stable hands and ‘baby sitters’ what a well behaved 4 year old mare she is.
I cannot wait for the future and it’s all thanks to the wonderful courses, endless videos, great network and excellent support from the girls from connection training. They are the first people I want to share my newly learnt behaviours with, they are there if pony or I have a bad day and they are always there to listen even if it’s just to say ‘YOU WILL GET THERE HANG IN’.
I love this way of learning and training with my pony, we both love it. And it’s all thanks to connection training. Watch this space!
Thank you so much for helping me find the way.

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