Backing Your Horse – The Connection Training Way

Making the transition from groundwork to ridden work can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be!
At CT, we have some techniques to make this process smooth, easy, calm and fun for both you and your horse.

These techniques can be broken down into 3 steps:

  1. Riding from the Ground
    This is where you teach your horse about the voice and rein cues you’ll use when riding such as  walk on, halt and turn.
  2. The Mounting Block
    The mounting block is the link between you on the ground and you in the saddle. Keep that connection with your horse really strong as you get on board so they stay totally tuned into you when you’re on board.
  3. First Ridden Steps
    When taking the first steps on board, you’ll be repeating some of the easiest ‘riding from the ground’ exercises from step 1, but this time you’re in the saddle. Your horse already knows these exercises inside out and is connected to you from the work at the mounting block, so those first steps are clear, calm and relaxed for both of you.

You can see how all this works in practice in this video with rescued pony, Rowan, who is currently being backed. Enjoy!

If you want more info, including step-by-step training tutorials with a range of horses as well as watch full training sessions of Rowan’s backing journey, check out the CT Club.

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