Trick Training: Noseball

Trick training is fun and a great way to build your communication and relationship with your horse. It can be done with young horses, tiny horses, old horses, horses on box rest… and fit, in-their-prime, active horses.

Trick training engages their minds, so it can help to satiate and relax horses with limited movement options (old, young, box rest, rest days etc) and they all enjoy learning. The more they learn, they better they get at it. And the more you train, the better you get at it. And the more you figure out together, the stronger your bond and communication.

I also love trick training because you can practice these skills with no-pressure, just-for-fun behaviours. It doesn’t matter if your horse pushes the ball or not (compared to, say, loading, or co-operating with the farrier), so you can relax, hone your skills and, most importantly, have fun together! So, yes, I love trick training. I also like that the behaviours make me smile and giggle (more than normal!). I like that they’re simple and discrete, so you don’t need to have trained loads of other stuff first. And my horses seem to love them, too.

Here’s how I trained noseball, give it a try with your horse!


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