Backing Young Horses CALMLY (no bucking here!) – Using positive reinforcement

Introducing a young horse to tack and rider for the first time should be a relaxed and rewarding experience for both of you. This compilation of horses and riders shows our process of using positive reinforcement to start / back / break (I hope not!) young horses.

We have more in-depth videos on mounting and riding  horses in our Riding with Connection Category here

Many thanks to all the wonderful CT Club members and coaches who shared their videos of their gentle, compassionate horse training from all over the world:

Helen Smith and Humphrey
Rebecca Musselwhite and Zulu
Lesley Woodward and Bella
Claire Waldron and Rachel Bedingfield and Leo
Hannah Weston and Helen Gilbertson and Lubie
Melanie Watson and Rags (with Richard Winter and Katherine Batch)
Ellie McMillan and Ragnor (with Allan McMillan)
Venya Bonnebakker and Jessie
Giya Day and Dahlia
Jennifer Lamm and Oliver
Daniela Hertkorn
Carolien Hendriksen and Spikkel K
atherine Mancusco Christ and Sparrow

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