How to Start Clicker Training Part 2: Stand Quietly Together

Standing Quietly with you is the first behaviour we teach in Connection Training. This is about your horse learning to be relaxed and polite, while also remaining tuned in and connected with you. It’s an important exercise because it teaches horses:

> How to NOT mug and push for treats
> That their behaviour earns them a reward, making them a conscious and active partner in your training together
> How to control their natural impulse (pushing for food, for example) and offer an alternative instead. This is SO powerful as it builds into horses who can tune in and communicate with you in challenging situations such as when spooked or excited.
> To stand quietly with you in any situation

Make sure you’ve watched Part 1 on Relaxation and introducing the Marker signal before you get started.

Standing Quietly Together is trained alongside Walk Together – that’s covered in Part 3 (coming soon!)

To see this training in full, with complete unabridged training sessions, checkout the Connection Training Club. There are also complete training sessions with 3 different case studies from Hope Pastures rescue centre, including the equine stars in this video. These are invaluable for seeing the training in real-life speed and how I deal with the different personalities and issues that arise. You can find out more about the CT Club here and I look forward to seeing you there! 🙂

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