Hannah on the Whole Horse Podcast

I had a great time chatting to the lovely Alexa Linton who hosts the Whole Horse Podcast. On it, she has thoughtful discussions with a fantastic range of equestrian professionals that are informative and inspirational. I recommend this podcast and it’s one I listen to when mucking out!

Here’s what Alexa said about our chat:

“I love meeting and chatting with people that are changing our way of being with horses! It was such a pleasure to connect with Hannah Weston, co-founder of Connection Training. What a mission she’s on! We got into how to build bridges between more traditional training and reward-based positive training, how to work with horses that tend to get distracted by treats, trust building with horses that have gone through trauma, and how to use this type of training to create the kind of connection that builds curiosity, courage, and relaxation. Diva and I are definitely going to try out some of her suggestions!

Hannah’s unique combination of skills complement each other brilliantly, giving her a holistic understanding and approach to horse training. It is all underpinned with Connection Training – using positivity, rewards and putting the horse’s emotions first. She works to create a bridge between training horses to move brilliantly and applied reward-based principles to it to train horses classical dressage with choice, joy and plenty of targets! “

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